Top 10 Things You Should Know About Using Strollers At Walt Disney World

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10. Try to get a viewing area for the parades where your children will be in the strollers and have front row seats. Then they have a comfortable place to watch the parade from, or maybe take a quick nap while waiting for the parade to start. No one is going to step in front of your children in the stroller blocking their view, and if they are strapped in you don’t have to worry about them stepping out suddenly into the path of the parade. Use this as an opportunity to get down on your child’s eye level and see Disney the way they see it.

9. Springtime brings rainy days and it is such a bummer to see the strollers filling up with water and then parents having to put their children back into the wet strollers. Please try to bring a rain cover for your stroller, or use a poncho to put over your stroller so your children will have a dry seat to climb back into. Another option would be to ask in a gift shop for a plastic bag that you can put over the seat.

8. Every attraction has a Stroller Parking area nearby, ask a Cast Member where it is if you don’t see it and park your stroller there.  If you just park it where you want to, expect it to be moved to the correct spot by a Cast Member who is just doing their job.  If you leave open containers of food, such as popcorn, birds will most likely be eating it while you are on the ride so finish it before entering the attraction or toss it, please don’t eat it.  The reason the strollers must be parked in the stroller parking area is because otherwise they may be blocking evacuation routes.  So it is a safety hazard for guests to park their strollers wherever they want.

7. The Disney Strollers all look alike, so bring something that will set yours apart so it is easier to find it amidst the sea of the other look-alike strollers. Some suggestions are ribbons or bandana tied to the handle, maybe a configuration of balloons that you think other people may not have, just something that will set it apart. This will save you time in locating it and keeping someone from taking yours by mistake. Also, do not tie it or chain it to anything in the park.

6. There are a small number of attractions that you can take a stroller on: River Boat in Magic Kingdom, Ferry Boat that crosses from Ticket and Transportation Center and the Magic Kingdom, and return trip, the boats that cross World Showcase Lagoon, and the Monorail. Every other mode of WDW transportation you have to either fold the stroller up completely or not get on it. This includes the buses, trams, and boats not mentioned above. You will not be able to bring your stroller inside some of the attraction areas in Epcot, such as The Land, Living Seas, Norway, theaters in China, Canada, France, and of course the rides. It can get tiring carrying around your child throughout a large area like The Land so be prepared for that, maybe having a baby sling or pack.

5. It is very important to listen to the announcements regarding strollers so you don’t hold up the transportation by not knowing what to do. For instance, when getting off the trains please wait until you are past the yellow line to unfold your personal stroller so everyone getting off the train has space to get safely out of the boarding area for the next guests. If you unfold it as soon as you get off you will block the exit. I know it is tempting to pop that stroller open and load up the baby and the gear as soon as you can but it would be great for everyone if you could wait until you are out of the boarding area.

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4. I have heard about this, seen it, and experienced it and honestly it usually happens later in the day or evening after what must have been a stressful day, some people use their strollers as battering rams pushing their way through the crowds. Guys, just sayin’: chill. Everyone is here to have a good time and getting attacked by a stroller is not on anyone’s agenda.

3. When using Walt Disney World rented strollers at the Magic Kingdom and you decide to ride the WDW Railroad, empty your stroller, take everything with you, leave the stroller there and board the train. When you want to get off the train at another station you will find empty strollers for you to use. Just ask a Cast Member to assist you with securing a new stroller. There is no additional charge for this; it is included in your rental fee.

2. If you rent a stroller at one park and then park hop turn your stroller in and keep your receipt. Show the receipt to the stroller rental at the next park and you will not be charged any additional price for this new stroller. You only pay once for stroller rental each day even if you go to all of the parks. Just keep that receipt handy. Rented Disney strollers cannot be removed from the parks. If you misplace your stroller check your guide map or ask a Cast Member where to get a replacement. These strollers are placed at various locations in the park.

1. If you are on a tight budget, bring your own stroller to save some money, or perhaps plan on purchasing an inexpensive one once you arrive. Cost for the stroller rentals at Walt Disney World is $15 daily for single stroller, Multi-Day (Length of Stay) $13.00 per day; and $100.00 US credit card deposit for any strollers rented at Disney Springs. Double Stroller is $31.00 per day, or Multi-Day (Length of Stay) $27.00 per day. You can pre-pay the number of days that you need a stroller then when visiting a park show your receipt to get your stroller rental for the day.

There are also companies outside of Disney that rent strollers. Three of the most popular dealers are: Kingdom Strollers (407)271-5301; Magic Strollers (866) 866-6177; Orlando Stroller Rentals (800) 281-0884. You can see that a few days of rental cost adds up to a pretty nice stroller price so you may want to consider visiting one of the large discount stores in the area where you could purchase a stroller.

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NOTE: ECV and Wheelchair parking are not the same as Stroller Parking. If you are unsure of where to park, ask a Cast Member.  Don’t double park.

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