Top 10 Things You Can’t Forget To Pack For Walt Disney World

Often I feel like I’m traveling to a deserted island when I look at the amount of things I pack for a Walt Disney World vacation.  The good news is that you can purchase just about anything your forget onsite, the bad news is that it is just going to be at an inflated price.  There are a few key items that I never want to forget to keep our resort room organized and make our vacation go smoothly.


10.  A Jacket

I know, you’re thinking “this is Florida lady!”  And this is true, but in the summer the air condition in the restaurants, shops and even the resort hallways is cranked up full blast, and I get very cold.  I always bring along a hoodie that will fit in my park bag just in case it is uncomfortably cold in a location.  If you are traveling in the early spring, late fall or winter you will need a jacket outside, and maybe even a heavy coat.

9.  Cash

Yes, just about every location will accept payment in the form of a charge, or magic band but you will need some cash for a few situations, including emergencies.  Any tips that you give to bell services, mousekeeping, valets, etc. will need to be paid in cash too.  And, don’t forget your quarters and pennies for the Pressed Penny machines throughout the parks and resorts.

8.  Ponchos or Rain Jackets

Central Florida is prone to rain showers and you want to be prepared  (See this article: https://www.disneydining.com/top-10-things-walt-disney-world-rain/) .  You can buy a poncho at Disney, but you will pay a premium.  Or, you can stock up ahead of time and buy them at Wal Mart or a dollar store before you leave.  The Disney ponchos are a higher quality, but at their prices you will want to keep it for the future.  The Wal Mart versions can be tossed when the sun comes back out.  Another great use for the less expensive versions is to keep you a bit dryer on water rides like Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids.  I actually prefer to wear an actual rain jacket—but it doesn’t always keep my shorts dry.

7.  Shoes

I am a hopeless overpacker, and that includes way too many pairs of shoes.  It is important to bring a good pair of shoes that fit well, are broken in, and offer support to your feet, knees and back.  You will be shocked at how much walking you do in a day at Disney theme parks, and your feet will not thank you if you do it all in a pair of flip flops.  You also need to have at least 2 pairs of shoes, when the first pair gets soaked in a downpour you will want a replacement pair.  I also like to pack a product like BodyGlide. BodyGlide is designed for anti-chafing, but it works great on feet too to prevent blisters.  There are other products designed for this as well.

6.  Medications

I believe in being prepared, so I like to pack the basics in a medicine kit.  Yes, you can buy these in the resort gift shop, but if you are like me, Murphy’s Law rules and the problem will arise in the middle of the night when the shop is closed or it is not convenient to go out.  Ibuprofen, stomach medicines, a cold medication, band aids and first aid ointment top my list of the basics.

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5.  Sunscreen

Again, another item available in the resort shop, but the types are limited and the prices are high.  With two red heads in my family this is at the top of my packing list and it takes up a lot of space.  We have sprays (fast getting ready for the parks), heavy duty products for swim days, sticks, and more.  If you have sensitive skin and use a particular brand of sunscreen, you need to pack your own because you will have to go off property to buy it at a Target or Walgreens.

4.  Camera

My repetitive nightmare that begins about two weeks before every single trip is forgetting my camera.  And wouldn’t you know it; I forgot it on our last trip.  Luckily we drive and were only about 25 minutes down the road when I realized it (panic set in fast!) and we turned around to get it.  You definitely want to make sure you have your camera of choice (maybe more than one), memory cards, batteries and charger ready to go.  Even though I love using my camera on my phone, I want something a little better to capture my magical Disney memories—we also bring a DSLR camera and a video camera to make sure we have the highest quality.

3.  Organizing your Room

On vacation small-ish hotel rooms with a family all together can get cluttered fast!  To keep things moving in the mornings and to make sure we don’t lose anything in the room I pack a few things to help.  The main thing is a hanging clothes organizer (http://www.amazon.com/Honey-Can-Do-SFT-01239-8-Shelf-Hanging-Organizer/dp/B001F51ADU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1396033504&sr=8-2&keywords=hanging+clothes+organizer)  As I confessed, I’m an overpacker and I don’t like doing laundry on vacation (unless it is in our room), so there is never enough room for our stuff in drawers.  We bring one of these to hang in the closet and each level is a day.  I fill that day with the kids’ clothes that I’ve packed into Ziploc bags (one outfit per bag). Works like a charm to get them out the door for rope drop!  For all of the dirty clothes I bring a pop up hamper (http://www.amazon.com/DAZZ-Deluxe-Pop-Up-Hamper-Black/dp/B002V91994/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1396033741&sr=8-2&keywords=pop+up+hamper).  And to keep all of our toiletries (including all of that sunscreen) tidy, an over the door shoe holder (http://www.amazon.com/Whitmor-6044-13-CTF-Collection-Over-The-Door-Organizer/dp/B000HM5V0A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1396033791&sr=8-1&keywords=over+the+door+shoe+organizer).  One more must bring item for our family is a night light.

2.  Batteries & Chargers           

In our electronic world it is important to make sure we keep everything running.  Some Disney resorts do have an iHome clock where you can charge one of your devices.  We like to bring a power strip to maximize our outlets, and now we have a multi-USB charger since most everything has a USB cord to charge (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GTGETFG/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1).  Don’t forget the USB cords, any extra camera batteries, memory cards and chargers, handheld game chargers, etc.  With the new My Disney Experience app you may also find that you need to recharge in the parks, I recommend bringing a portable charger for that purpose (http://www.amazon.com/Astro-Mini-Ultra-Compact-Lipstick-Sized-Smartphones/dp/B005X1Y7I2/ref=sr_1_1?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1396034137&sr=1-1&keywords=portable+phone+charger).

1.  Travel Details, ID, Tickets, Magic Bands

Don’t forget these things‼  Yes, you can replace some of these once you arrive onsite, but it is a hassle and it takes time away from your vacation.  You can’t replace your ID at Disney, so make sure you have your Driver’s License, and if you are traveling internationally don’t forget your passport when you leave home.  I recommend putting together a notebook with all of your travel related documents including resort confirmations, package travel documents, tickets (including hard ticket events like the Halloween Party), gift cards, and more.  And don’t forget your Magic Bands!  Put them in a carry-on bag if you are flying because you will use them to check in to Disney’s Magical Express.  If you do forget them they will be replaced onsite, but they will be gray.

What are your must pack items for your Walt Disney World Vacation?

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