Top 10 Rules That Disney Guests Ignore

There ARE rules, to which you agree to follow, by purchasing a Disney park ticket. You agree not to feed the animals, including birds. You agree to show common courtesy to “other guests and Cast Members by not using any profanity or engaging in unsafe, illegal, disruptive or offensive behavior”.

10. Don’t Jump the Line:

This one seems to be worse the busier the park is. Keep your party together, that includes entering the line together. It is not ok to have one or two get in line and then another ten cut in to join them. It is understandable that sometimes your child may not realize they have to use the rest room until after they have been in line for a few minutes and a parent takes them out and then rejoins their party. Wait for your party member that is parking the stroller, or meeting you from another place in the park, and enter the line together. There is no rule that guests have to allow you to jump the line.

9. Littering:

You will find a trashcan within 15 steps from where you are at any given time when walking through the parks. (They are actually placed no more than 30 steps apart.) When establishing the distance Walt Disney had an Imagineer take a hot dog and walk while eating it and at the step that he would need a trash can to throw away his napkin/trash, that was the distance the trash cans were placed.

8. Taking Their Shoes Off:

I understand there are people who like to go barefoot, children and adults, but it is a stringent rule that all guests be wearing shoes, sandals, etc. It is for your own self-interest to this anyway so there is no point in fighting this. Wear practical shoes that are broken in for all the walking you will be needing to do. That is a personal decision of what is comfortable for you. If you feel a blister forming, and did not bring blister bandages, you can visit the First Aid Center in each park and get help from them.

7. No Running:

 Some guests become very excited while visiting Walt Disney World and want to experience everything there in a short time and can’t resist running. At the old Rope Drops that used to be quite a problem. I saw it this year still occurring at Hollywood Studios even with Cast Members reminding people they must walk, and CM’s along the route shouting out to running guests to please stop running. There are many guests that you can harm, as well as yourself, while running in the parks. Guests are also moving in different directions, cutting each other off, tripping, and face planting on concrete. The attractions are not going anywhere, they will be there all day. It is ok to walk quickly, but no running please.

6. Keep Your Camera Down:

If you have a GoPro Camera or any camera on a monopod, small tripod, etc. you will need to keep it at the level of your eyes, or below due to the fact that the clearance between the ride vehicle and the structure of the attraction is sometimes very small. If your camera strikes any part of the structure it can shatter and cause great harm to yourself and the other riders. Remember, keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times? Your monopod is an extension of your arm, and unsafe to have sticking out. Additionally, selfie sticks are banned from the parks.

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5. Don’t Smoke Unless in Designated Smoking Area:

Smoking must addle the brain somewhat because it causes the user to do ridiculous things like believing things like “cupping” a cigarette in their hand makes it invisible to others, not. Or, I will just go ahead and light up and no one will say anything, not. How about I just find an out-of-the-way spot, maybe backstage, and smoke where it won’t bother anyone else. Um, no. There are designated smoking sections on your Park Guide Map and if you do not know how to read a map, ask a Cast Member, before lighting up, where the closest smoking section is. Disney considers e-cigarettes to be “smoking” and must follow the same rules for other smokers. The worse this problem gets, the closer the parks get to having a completely no smoking policy for the entire Walt Disney World resort.

4. Don’t Stand Up on the Ride:

If you are tempted to relive the painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware while on Pirates of the Caribbean, don’t. Much of the time, the reason for a ride stopping or having to be evacuated is due to a guest standing up or trying to get out of the ride vehicle, or successfully getting out of the ride vehicle and stepping on stage. You don’t know where you can move safely and you ruin the experience for other guests by acting selfishly in this manner. You can also get hurt physically when ignoring this rule, other guests have. There is no excuse for breaking this one.

3. Not Using a Toilet:

This is one of the worst habits of some guests. There are so many bathrooms spread out across the resort that you can quickly find a bathroom before/when you need one. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their children visit a bathroom in between attractions. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure they visit a bathroom prior to getting in line for an attraction. With young children, it is understandable that some accidents may occur. But when the parents tell them each time they have to go to the bathroom to just do it wherever they are, including ride vehicles it affects the efficiency and enjoyment of said attractions for all guests. If you are in the queue for an attraction and your child suddenly discovers he needs to go to the bathroom, it is acceptable for you to exit the queue and get to the nearest restroom then re-enter the queue to meet the rest of your party. If you are unsure of where the nearest rest room is, ask any Cast Member on your way out and they will be happy to point you to that restroom.

2. Keep Your Hands Out of The Water:

Ignoring this rule has led to guests being injured. When Cast Members tell you to keep your arms, hands, feet and legs inside the ride vehicle at all times it is important to listen to them. They know far more about the dangers of the attraction than you do, so heed their warnings. They are not repeating these every day for many hours to hear themselves speak. They want you to have the best and safest experience you can have on the attractions.

1. No Flash Photography:

Did you know that repeated flashes can cause an epileptic seizure in someone else? Some other physical results include Flicker Vertigo, Photosensitive Epilepsy, Migraines, and temporary loss of vision. These are all real and debilitating results of one guest not respecting this rule. If you are on a dark ride when someone begins flashing away, please remind them of this simple rule. Another reason is that you are asked not to-You will read this message sometimes on signs, in the park map, and hear this message over the audio, from Cast Members, and sometimes from other guests asking you to turn off the flash on your camera. Even the light up screen or beam to read the lighting can be very distracting in a dark attraction. More reasons not to use your flash in photographing dark rides is that you ruin the experience for everyone else, and better photos can be downloaded from the internet than what you are going to get anyway. You do not need all these reasons not to use your flash, do you?

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