Top 10 Questions and Answers about MagicBands

10. What does the MagicBand do?

The MagicBand serves as an admission ticket, Disney resort room key, FastPass+ ticket, PhotoPass or Memory Maker account link, way to redeem dining plan credits and a form of payment for Disney resort guests. Your Magic Band, whether you purchased it separately or received it with an on site Walt Disney World stay should be linked to your My Disney Experience account After that it will access and use all of the information including your resort room, dining plan credits, FastPass+ reservations and ticket media.

9. How do I get a Magic Band?

If you are a Disney resort guest you will receive a package in the mail, if there is enough time prior to your arrival, or at the check-in desk at your hotel if you booked very close to arrival. If you are an Annual Passholder you can order one from your MyDisneyExperience account and they will ship it to you. If you are a day guest, not staying on Walt Disney World property, you may purchase one inside the park, at Downtown Disney Marketplace, or online. There are also specially decorated options, limited edition options, and custom options available at different price points.

8. What colors do they come in? Do I get to pick the color?

There are currently seven colors: pink, blue, green, yellow, red, gray and orange. There are also specialty Magic Bands available with characters, some of which are seasonal. When making your Disney resort reservation, or if you are a Passholder ordering your Magic Band, you will be able to choose your color from the main seven. If there is not time to send your MagicBands for you to get them prior to your arrival at your Disney resort, they will provide gray bands for you. You cannot exchange MagicBands. You can’t trade them among your friends and family either.

7. I see some people with MagicBands that look very different from the ones I have. Why?

There are accessories you can purchase to personalize your MagicBand such as fabric covers, sliders in many forms, etc. that you will find in all the Disney resorts and Parks and at the Pin Trader, Downtown Disney Marketplace. Some special Disney events have even had their own covers or sliders made available to the event participants. There are also some online sites where you can purchase MagicBand decals before your trip.

6. Can I keep my MagicBand after my resort stay is over, or my admission ticket is used up? Can I use it at Disneyland or any of the other Disney Parks?

You can keep the bands after your resort stay is over. You can have multiple MagicBands associated to your MyDisneyExperience account. You will be able to use your MagicBand(s) on future visits when you link a new Disney resort reservation or valid park admission to it. If you have too many in your account it can cause some problems, so there is an option to decline MagicBands with future stays. There is a limited battery life however, somewhere around 2 years.

5. I am not sure the MagicBand will fit. How can it fit my child and a large adult too?

The MagicBands are actually two bands in one. On the back is a gray band that attaches to the outside band. The adult should use the band as it is. For a smaller child/adult you can peel off the gray band on the inside.

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4. I am allergic to plastic so I don’t know if I want one. What is the MagicBand made of? Won’t that be hot in the summer? What if it gets wet on rides like Kali River Rapids?

MagicBands are made of a waterproof material that is hypo-allergenic, non latex material. If you are a Disney resort guest and allergic to the material you can request an RFID plastic ticket for your admission. You can even wear these in the water parks as it is waterproof. Most people say they forget they are even on their wrists when enjoying the parks and part of that testing overlapped some hot months. Disney is selling fabric covers for the MagicBands that also may help in the comfort element as well as a way to personalize the band.

3. How do the MagicBands work? I am concerned about my privacy.

MagicBands is the latest in Radio Frequency (RF) technology. The MB’s will link with your FastPass+ reservation at touch points around the resort, such as the attractions, admissions, photos, restaurants, and if you are a resort guest, your room door. The RF must meet a touch point for it to register you are coming into the park, or visiting an attraction, etc. Disney will be able to see where you travel inside the park by these touch points and will better be able to tailor offers to you in the future. At the same time Disney does not want anyone else to be able to read any personal data you have linked to your MyDisneyExperience account so they use a series of encryptions, secure links, and random data codes to separate your personal information from your MagicBand. If you lose your MB or it is stolen, simply deactivate it in the MyDisneyExperience app and/or visit a Guest Relations location for MyMagic+ in the park or at the front desk of your Disney resort, and they will help you. If you are a resort guest they will most likely reissue you a second band. After the second lost band, you will need to purchase your next Magic Band. Other people will not be able to access your account to charge anything because your pin is required at every purchase point.

2. I just bought my Magic Band, now what?   

The Cast Member can assist you in linking your park admission ticket to your MagicBand, as well as Memory Maker if you have it. (Remember MemoryMaker should be purchased at least three days before your arrival at Walt Disney World to receive the most benefit and lower cost.) The best way to prepare prior to your arrival at Disney World is to open your MyDisneyExperience app and load all your reservations for dining, tours, FastPass+, MemoryMaker and park admission media to your account so that when you purchase your MagicBand at the park it will all magically be at your fingertips. If you were not able to make reservations prior to your arrival you can visit a MyMagic+ location to make reservations and link them to your MB.

1. Do I have to wear my MagicBand on my wrist? Does it matter which wrist I wear it on?

You do not have to; some people wear them on their lanyards. They are fairly comfortable and easy to forget about. The touch points are at a comfortable height to tap your band at when worn on your wrist, but not too high for children. You can choose which wrist to wear it on but you need to decide which index finger you want to use when coming in the entrance of the park on the finger scanner.

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