Top 10 Mind Blowing Experiences to be had at Disney’s Epcot

Disney’s Epcot is a park that focuses on technology, innovation, the celebration of different cultures, as well as learning and discovery. But Disney wants guests to experience all these things in the most fun and engaging ways possible, and that has lead Disney Imagineers to create some exceptional experiences for guests. Here are ten mind-blowing experiences to be had at Disney’s Eocot.

10. Soarin’

Soarin’ at Epcot in the Land pavilion has recently undergone a change and update. It used to be Soarin’ Over California, but is now Soarin’ Around the World. Of course we miss the attraction as it originally was, but I can’t help but love the new version too! The sights and views in Soarin’ from around the world are simply spectacular. Guests can fly over the Great Wall of China, polar bears and icebergs, and soar above the city lights of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. The cherry on top of this mind-blowing attraction experience is ending your journey at Epcot.

9. Living with the Land

Also located in the Land pavilion is another not to be missed attraction, Living with the Land. What’s so mind blowing about a gentle boat ride through a green house you might ask? Well it’s not the boat ride, but what guests can see in the green houses. Guests will see all kinds of fruits and vegetables being grown here, including a 9-pound lemon, and Mickey shaped food too. The hydroponic methods being used to grow this food are also amazing. These plants will yield a lot more food, and the produce is even used in the restaurants at Epcot. It’s amazing to see all the plants growing upwards, instead of being planted in the soil. These mind-blowing farming techniques are worth the visit to Living with the Land. There’s even a walking tour, Behind the Seeds, which goes even more depth about these new planting techniques.

8. Epcot Food & Wine Festival

The Epcot Food & Wine Festival is a hugely popular fall event, and it is a wonderful time to visit. The festival pretty much takes over the park. The amount and variety of delicious food, combined with all the amazing seminars and demonstrations could be described as mind-blowing. It would take more than a few visits to Epcot to experience all this festival has to offer.

7. Dining at Akershus

Guests can have a wonderful character dining experience in the Norway pavilion at Akershus, which is themed like a medieval castle. In this immersive setting guests can meet and mingle with storybook princesses, such as Princess Aurora, Belle, Snow White and Cinderella. For those who are Disney princess fans, this is a must-do dining experience when at Epcot.

6. Fiber Optics

When walking around Future World at night, or as you’re making your way towards the exit after Illuminations, look down at the sidewalks. There are fiber optics in the pavement that make the sidewalks glow, sparkle and light up in swirling patterns. They’re absolutely mesmerizing, and a lovely little bit of magic to stumble upon.

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5. Frozen Ever After

Like most Disney fans, I miss Maelstrom, and in an ideal Disney World, there would be room for both Maelstrom and Frozen Ever After. But don’t let your nostalgic feelings for the previous boat ride in the Norway pavilion negatively affect your ride experience on Frozen Ever After, because it is a really spectacular ride! The Audio-Animatronics are amazing, from the beautiful sisters Anna and Elsa and their expressive, animated faces, to Olaf who glides on ice skates, and even Marshmallow and the Snowgies make an appearance. The attraction is breathtaking, and will completely wow guests.

4. Test Track

For mind-blowing thrills head over to Test Track in Future World. Guests can design their own virtual car and then take it for a test run around the track. The highlight of this attraction is when your car reaches a top speed of 65 mph.

3. Spaceship Earth

Simply seeing the iconic geodesic sphere that is Spaceship Earth as you enter the park is mind-blowing. Spaceship Earth is not only the beautiful and awe-inspiring visual icon of the park, but it’s also a great attraction which takes guests on a journey through time and the history of communication. Whether you’re experiencing the attraction, having your photo taken in front of it, or admiring it’s beauty at night as colored lights shine on it, Spaceship Earth is one of the most wonderful things about Epcot.

2. Being the Last People in the Park

While everyone else rushes to catch their bus, or makes a dash to the parking lot to beat the crowds at the end of the night, stick around in the park. Once the crowds thin, being the last few people wandering through the World Showcase is a wonderful experience! Lingering behind can allow you to get some amazing photos, create some lovely memories and you can just enjoy the ambiance of park on your own.

1. Illuminations

Epcot’s nighttime spectacular Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is a grand firework show with epic music, lasers, a beautiful floating globe, and it all plays out on the World Showcase Lagoon. No matter how many times I see this show, it still continues to blow my mind. This firework spectacular is a must-do on each and every visit.

What mind-blowing experiences have you had at Epcot?

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