Top 10 Magic Kingdom Rides At Night

Pirates of the Caribbean
Credit: Disney Photo Snapper

Magic Kingdom is a magical place anytime of the day or night. Still, there is something special about riding certain attractions during the evening hours. Darkness brings out special lighting and even enhances the mood of certain attractions. Many of these rides give you a new look at Happily Ever After, while riding them at night give you a different ride experience from the daytime ride.

10. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Taking flight on the flying pachyderms gives you a birds-eye view on much of Fantasyland, and parts of Tomorrowland. Dumbo is fun for children of all ages and now with the double set of Dumbo’s you can easily ride at night. You can see the attractions lit up and from a perspective like no other. They spin slower than Astro-Orbiter which would give you a high view but as it travels so fast through the night sky the lights are just blurred lines. Aladdin’s Magic Carpets in Adventureland also go high but only offers views of shops, Tiki Birds and the entrance to The Jungle Cruise.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean

You may be wondering, “why this one?” I think the accent lighting on this attraction is really done well and it helps draw you into the queue, which has very short lines during the evening hours. Entering Pirates of the Caribbean at nighttime to ride this dark ride just makes the experience more believable.

8. Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel

The lights on the carousel are so beautiful at night and it is easy to ride as the long lines from the daytime are not seen at night. You find your way to the steed you wish to ride and enjoy a panoramic view of Fantasyland along with Cinderella Castle which is beautifully lit at nighttime. Just don’t try to ride this during the fireworks show Wishes.

7. Tomorrowland Transit Authority-People Mover

I prefer this for wonderful views of Tomorrowland after dark over Astro Orbiter as the ride moves slower and you can really take it all in. This has always been a favorite of my family, night or day.

6. Jungle Cruise

Darkness adds a certain quality to this ride, making some of the gags look a little bit better. There is just something more mysterious about this attraction at night that only helps make it more fun. Make sure you check out the Jingle Cruise during the Holidays when the Christmas lights are on!

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5. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride

This being the crown jewel of New Fantasyland means it is at the heart of this section of the park. Since much of the ride is outside you get unparalleled views of Fantasyland and Cinderella Castle. The final scene in the Dwarves’ home is much easier to see after dark too. Rolling and twisting your way across and through the mountain is just more magical at night.

4. Haunted Mansion

I chose this attraction because it is even spookier after dark. The darkness just adds to the eerie presentation of this attraction. The queue offers nice nighttime views as well. The Liberty Belle Riverboat is lit up at night adjacent to Haunted Mansion

3. Liberty Belle Riverboat

This Riverboat in Liberty Square is not only beautiful in itself with small white lights, which are all powered by the steam engine, it has a beautiful reflection of itself in the Rivers of America. Take a leisurely voyage around the Rivers of America taking in Liberty Square and Frontierland to enjoy the nighttime views.

2. Splash Mountain

The lines for this top-rated ride are often much lower at night making it easier to enjoy. The views from the outside portion of the ride are some of the best during the day or night. If you time it right you can get a great view of Cinderella Castle and Happily Ever After from the upper flume area. Have your camera ready!

1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This ride really comes alive after dark. The special lighting adds to the feeling that the ride goes even faster at night. Seeing the dark shadows and lit up scenes adds to the idea that you really are on a runaway train. You can catch some delightful views of Happily Ever After when riding Thunder Mountain so check the Times Guide for when Happily Ever After is happening that night.

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