Top 10 Lies About Walt Disney World’s EPCOT

The thing about Disney World is, there are a whole lot of lies surrounding the entire resort. Some of these are harmless mistruths, while others could completely change the way you plan a trip and cause you to miss out on something really great. One park that has a particularly large number of negative and downright silly lies floating around about it is Epcot.


Epcot was the second Disney World park to be built, and while most people will recognize the iconic silver ball that is so prominently displayed at the front of the park, many people don’t know much about what’s beyond that landmark. This can lead to some really wild rumors. Below we point out some of these rumors and lies so you can have a more accurate idea of what to expect at this park.

1. It Isn’t for Kids

The most common lie you’ll hear about Epcot is that it isn’t for kids. This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. While this park is more focused on science and world cultures, there are plenty of awesome things for kids to see, do, and enjoy, making this park just as family-friendly as any other.

2. It’s Boring

Many people will go a step further and say this park is boring—not just for kids, but for anyone. These individuals seem to think that because the park focuses on educating visitors about science, world cultures, and more, it must be as dull as a textbook. Fortunately, this isn’t the case at all. Epcot makes learning an incredibly fun experience, and many don’t even realize the learning is happening!

3. There Aren’t Rides

Another assumption people make is that a park focused on education won’t have rides. Thank goodness this isn’t true. In fact, in many cases, the rides are the learning experiences. And why shouldn’t they be? After all, there’s no better way to learn about space than to experience what it’s like to be there, and learning about the science of car design is much more fun when you’re designing cars yourself.


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4. You Can’t Find Characters

NOTE: Right now, character meet and greets are on hold. You can however catch characters in occasional cavalcades around the World Showcase. You’ll also spot a couple of friends in the United Kingdom and over by the Imagination Pavilion.

Believe it or not, there are characters scattered all across Epcot. In fact, it’s hard to walk far at all without seeing a favorite Disney friend. This is contrary to the popular belief that there are no characters at all in the park, and we are certainly glad this particular Disney lie is inaccurate.

5. It Needs Updates

We’re the first to admit that the front part of Epcot was starting to become a little dated. This has been a sore spot for visitors for several years now, and led some visitors to recommend against going. While we never felt the dated aspects were enough to keep us away, we are also happy to report that the park is now getting a massive overhaul that is sure to make everyone happy and turn this Epcot complaint into an untruth.

6. There is Too Much Walking

There is truth to this particular lie. Epcot is an absolutely enormous park, and walking the entire thing in one day will put a lot of steps on your pedometer. That said, there are ways to avoid walking too much in a single day. Consider splitting your visit into two days—one for the Future World section at the front of the park, and another for the World Showcase at the back—and make a point of using the boats to get from one place to another in the World Showcase instead of walking all the way around.

7. It’s Always Crowded

NOTE: Right now, crowds are not an issue at EPCOT! With Disney’s current limited capacity, we are finding that most of the time park guests are super spread out, making it easy to breeze through the park with little to no people traffic.

Again, there is some truth to this rumor. Epcot, like all Disney parks, can be incredibly crowded. This is especially true during the many festivals that Epcot hosts. That said, the park is not always crowded, and there are ways around the crowds that so many complain about. Our advice? Visit in late January or September, go straight back to the World Showcase as soon as it opens, and then head to the front part of the park toward the end of the day, where you can make an easy exit afterward.

8. All Food Selections are Exotic

Picky eaters may be avoiding Epcot because they’ve heard that all the food served here is exotic. While there certainly are some unusual options in the World Showcase for the more adventurous eaters out there, this certainly isn’t true for every item on every menu. In fact, there are plenty of typical kid-friendly options like pizza, chicken nuggets, and burgers.

9. World Showcase Dining is Expensive

Epcot is home to a couple of fine dining establishments that are absolutely delicious. That said, these same eateries are also incredibly expensive. This fact has led many to think that all dining in the World Showcase is expensive. This isn’t accurate. Sure, the food in this area is just as expensive as any other part of Disney World, but it isn’t more so. In fact, in some cases, the quick-service eateries around the World Showcase offer pretty good dining deals for those looking to eat on a budget. Besides, the dining options here tend to be a bit different and add to the fun of walking around the world!

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10. The Park was Supposed to Be Domed

The last Epcot lie on our list is also the silliest. It’s been said that Walt Disney originally planned for Epcot to be completely enclosed within a dome. Of course, this would be nearly impossible to achieve considering the size of the park, so we have to think of this as yet another Disney rumor.

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