Top 10 Amazing Things about Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

By Cassie

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is a “Moderate” resort meaning it costs less than a “Deluxe” resort but more than a “Value” resort. The amount of amenities goes up with each step up. Some moderates cross over with a few “extras” that the others in that category may not have.

Just a word about the Beautiful Lake Views-The Spanish Colonial architecture spreading around the lake is very attractive to look at. The lake is large enough to use watercraft on, however, when we visited the Marina was locked up tight and there were no boats at any of the docks. Although the resort has offered various watercraft rentals, bicycle rentals, and fishing excursions the official Disney website confirms that at this time these services are not being offered. It is unclear if this amenity will return in the future. The lake is still beautiful to look at and there are several vantage points for you to sit and have a bite to eat or enjoy a nice beverage.

10. It is the only Moderate hotel to host Conventions in a large Conference and Business Center that is connected by both inside and outside walk ways.  There are plenty of places to hang out and have some fun in the evenings after those long days of conferences. The center covers 220,000 square feet and it includes ballrooms, exhibit halls, breakout rooms and a business center.

9. La Vida Health Club-This Health Club sets Coronado Springs apart as the only Moderate resort to have its own Health Club. Here you can use a variety of exercise equipment or maybe enjoy a massage or sometime in the whirlpool. There are guided fishing trips normally available. You may also enjoy renting a bicycle to wheel around the grounds. You will find a nice jogging trail on property that will take you on a .9 mile run/walk around Lago Dorado.

8. Other Amenities: Beauty Salon on premises-If you would like to have your hair or make-up done or just visit the Casa de Belleza onsite. Groceries are available at the gift shop. There is a 24-hour self-serve laundromat near each of the quiet pools or use the Laundry Service if you prefer. It is close to Disney parks, water parks, and Disney Springs. These are just a Disney bus ride away. Parking is very convenient to each building, but you may have a long walk to El Centro if you are not in the Casitas. There are lockers poolside, complimentary.

7. There is a hot tub at the Dig Site Pool. The hot tub actually accommodates the largest number of people, 22, in all of the Walt Disney World resort. If you would prefer a quieter swimming pool you will find three of those scattered in each districts. If you want to extend your water-based fun there is a walkway you can take directly to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park! This is the only Disney resort within walking distance to a Water Park.

6. The size of it! This resort spreads out quite far, and in encircles a 22-acre lake. There are bridges and beautifully landscaped paths to take you all the way around. However, there are no shortcuts across the lake to the main building.  The resort rooms are large enough to hold a roll away if it is needed. But the rooms are still only permitted to hold four guests. I did enjoy my walk around the resort, but it was a nice day with a cooling breeze blowing. In the extreme heat of a central Florida summer I would need to apply sunscreen liberally just to get to the restaurant from across the lake. It is very sunny with very little shade on the walkway around the lake that connects to all the buildings, the Dig Site Pool area, and the main building El Centro and bus stops. I tell you that just so you can prepare for a sunny hike, or a rainy one since there is no covered walkway to dodge under.

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The “Casitas” are the closest buildings to the main building and have a more urban Mexico feel. The buildings closest to the Dig Site Pool area are called “Ranchos” and they are the farthest from El Centro. The “Ranchos” have a southwestern American flavor and they lean more toward rock formations, cactus, and even gravel rather than courtyards with fountains. Close to the Casitas are the “Cabanas” which have very many lovely views of landscaping and a quiet pool, representing the Gulf-coast resorts of Mexico. You can choose from a Standard Room, Water-view/King Room, Junior Suite or a one-bedroom suite. The rooms are very comfortable but not as Disney-fied for children. You won’t see Disney characters in the rooms or all over the resort. The Three Caballero’s make an appearance through paintings in the gift shop and in Topiary format near El Centro.

5. The rooms are very comfortable.  The rooms reflect a more modern feel with exquisite carved wooden sliding doors to the bathroom area from the bedroom. The bed matches the dark wood of the doors. The bedding is white with turquoise blue accents. The carved wood accents are very attractive and the room has a ceiling fan.

4. Theming of the buildings-the architecture, the splashing fountains, all serve to transfer your soul to sunny Mexico. The light fixtures, for instance the Mexican Star that light the hallway near the Pepper Market, represent the culture of Mexico. There are Mexican items in the gift shop where you can take home a memento from your stay here. The buildings or “Casitas” are numbered so you can locate your building quickly and as you walk through each courtyard you may discover unique building designs, landscaping, pools or fountains that will make your Casita more personal to you. Do take the time to walk around the resort and discover all the little things that are “hidden” in each courtyard. The 50-foot high Mayan pyramid feature at the Dig Site swimming pool is pretty impressive. Go see it even if you are not there to swim.

3. An array of restaurants and lounges-The table service restaurant Maya Grill is available for breakfast and dinner guests. The Tex-Mex menu is inviting and the food is very good. Their signature dish is a Fajita Skillet with your choice of steak or chicken and seasonally they offer a 24-oz Hand Cut Ribeye that serves 2. There are a couple other dishes for two that require two table service credits to order. Las Ventanas is a casual dining area that is open for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and they offer a nice variety of dishes. The Mahi Mahi sandwich at lunch is delicious. For dinner you can select a salad, entrée or hearty sandwich. The Pepper Market is the resort’s counter service food area that is quite large and very colorful. It represents an outdoor market in Mexico which creates a nice atmosphere. Here you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and beverages. The menu is more limited than what you get at other Disney resorts, partly because the food service is not provided by Disney. Oddly, the Pepper Market charges a 10% service charge.  Siesta’s Cantina is a convenient bar located next to the Dig Site pool and they serve sandwiches, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Rix Café serves a variety of grab and go foods, pastries, fruit, salads, sandwiches, hand dipped gelato and other desserts, beverages, coffee bar and smoothie bar along with the Rapid Refill mugs. Café guests can use part of the Rix Lounge located adjacent to the Rix Café during breakfast and lunch hours. There are also several tables and chairs outside along the lake where you can take your food and drink. In the evening hours Rix Lounge offers snacks, specialty cocktails, and other beverages. Lakeside there is a Laguna Bar that serves up specialty cocktails, full bar service and light snacks. Coronado Springs has a limited room service menu delivering such items as pizza, dinner or breakfast items 7AM to 11PM. It is not available 24-hours a day like the Deluxe resorts but it is a step up from the value resorts that only deliver pizza for a limited number of hours. If you don’t find what you want, there is the only McDonald’s on the Disney property just down the street.

2. Children are delighted to play B-I-N-G-O by the swimming pool, play on the Explorer’s Playground near the main swimming pool, or slide down the 123-foot long water slide that looks like a spitting Jaguar. The pool is very large, which is good since there are so many hotel rooms. Next to the 10,800 square foot pool is a sandbox, which carries the weight of the name of the area (Dig Site) where children can play in the sand. The large Mayan pyramid has emerged in this dig site. There is a kiddie pool and plenty of lounge chairs and some shade umbrellas for parents and young children. Adjacent to the pool is also the Iguana Arcade to delight all the gamers. There are children’s programs onsite. At night you won’t want to miss the family campfire activity and roast some marshmallows while you make memories.

1. Amount of flora and fauna-I believe this may be the most appealing part of the resort. It is all very well maintained and there is a variety while keeping some continuity.  You will find so many different kinds of flowers and plants growing here, more than you see in most of the other resorts. There is also a wide variety of trees, not enough to provide adequate shade as you stroll around the lake, but still an interesting mix. You will see many banana trees in this resort and several types of palm trees which make any visit to Florida more enjoyable. It just feels so much more tropical with Banana Trees, Palm Trees, and large Bird of Paradise.


About Cassie

Cassie L. I am a lifelong Disney fan. I attended Walt Disney World in 1971, and was there during the opening week of EPCOT, and have visited the Disney Parks for than 30 times. I have had the privilege of visiting Disneyland as a child, and then again with my children. My family recently moved from the northeastern United States to the Walt Disney World area. I now have cast members in my family and enjoy hearing the magical stories at the end of a shift. I love visiting all of the parks and getting to try more Disney food and being able to share it with you to help you plan your own magical day at Disney.