Tips & Tricks for Enjoying Walt Disney World with Grandparents

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Heading to Walt Disney World with grandparents can make the trip even more of a magical experience, but how can you make sure everyone has a great time?  We have some tips and tricks for enjoying Walt Disney World with Grandparents.


1. Set Expectations

Prior to everyone heading down to Walt Disney World, make sure to have some conversations about what everyone wants to accomplish and what their expectations are while visiting.  Do grandma and grandpa want to just sit and watch everyone ride or are they thrill seekers and want to hit up Space Mountain with the teens?  Do they expect to be able to sleep in or do they want an afternoon siesta? Make sure to have these conversations prior to heading down so everyone is on the same page and won’t be frustrated while on vacation.

2. Pick the Right Accommodations 

Along with knowing what to expect in the parks, make sure that you know what accommodations will suit everyone.  Do the grandparents prefer to be in one big suite together or do they want their own space?  Do they want to be able to cook or get to and from the parks quickly with skyliner or monorail access?  Don’t set everyone up for frustration by booking the wrong resort or room type.  Talk with the grandparents to find out what they want when it comes to their accommodations to make sure they aren’t disappointed when they get to Disney.

3. Split Up

Although it might seem like a great idea to be together 24/7 on vacation, the reality of it is no family is typically together that much normally and so separation might save the day.  Don’t think that the grandparents have to be with you every step of the way.  Allow them to have their own plans if they need to take breaks or want to sit and relax on Main Street USA or with a Mickey Ice Cream Bar!  Think about allowing the grandparents to take little kids while the older kids or grown-ups hit up some thrill rides.  Even when it comes to meals, allow people time to eat on their own if need be.  Sometime apart will make the time together so much more magical.


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4. Slow Down

Grandma and Grandpa might seem like the Incredibles, but chances are they will need the group to slow down.  Schedule in down time throughout the day where you catch a show, relax in the air conditioning or even take a break at the resort.  Walking in Disney is hard on everyone so take that into consideration when planning.  Along the same lines think about your travel plan.  If you typically zip back and forth from Frontierland to Tomorrowland to Adventureland and back, this might not be the best route for grandma and grandpa.  Think about trying to eliminate as much crisscrossing as possible.

5. Dining

Dining is a huge part of a Disney vacation and can be a great time to enjoy special moments with Grandparents.  Consider booking some sit-down meals for the group to allow time for everyone to gather together and hang-out.  There are so many amazing dining options both in the four parks, at Disney Springs and the resorts that there is sure to be options for everyone to enjoy.  Take this time together to slow down and share stories about the day, reflect on what you all loved and create more special memories together.

6. Small Things

Take time for the small things when visiting with Grandparents.  Enjoy a slow morning at the resort watching the kids swim or walk the trails of Animal Kingdom.  These small moments are typically not planned but are the moments that will be cherished in years to come.  Don’t overlook them or rush past them.

7. Get Memory Maker

You will want to capture all the moments while visiting Walt Disney World with grandparents and what better way to do it than with Memory Maker.  Memory maker allows you to get the whole group together for photos throughout the four parks as well as captures on ride photos for many rides such as Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dinosaur and much more.  At only $169 prior to traveling, this is a steal for all the amazing memories you will capture.

Credit: Disney Photo Snapper

Having grandparents join the family’s Walt Disney World vacation is truly magical; however, make sure to think about these tips and tricks to help make sure the vacation goes smoothly for everyone.

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