Tips for a Stress-Free Trip to Walt Disney World

A trip to Walt Disney World is a magical experience; however, it can also be stressful.  We have the top tips to help you have a stress-free trip to Walt Disney World.

1. Plan Ahead

We recommend that prior to heading down to Walt Disney World that you take some time to plan.  This doesn’t have to be a minute-by-minute schedule; however, knowing what rides, shows, attractions and dining options are available in each park can be super helpful when you arrive.  Having this basic information in the back of your head can elevate some of the stress when actually in Disney.  Knowing what rides are must-dos, where you might want to eat and even which park you want to head to each day can really lower stress on vacation.

2. Have the My Disney Experience

My Disney Experience is Disney’s app that provides guests with a variety of information.  This app has become more and more important to a Disney vacation from getting a Rise of the Resistance boarding pass to seeing wait times, guests will need to be familiar with this app during their vacation.  In order to lower stress when in Disney, take time to try the app out at home.  Look at wait times, check out menus, see where resort information is located as doing all of these will make guests less overwhelmed when being asked to use the app during their vacation.

3. Plan for weather

Many believe that Walt Disney World is in a bubble and even though the magic might make you think that, Disney does not have the power over the weather.  Make sure to double check weather for your trip prior to traveling and prepare accordingly.  If heading down in the winter months, know that it does get cold in Disney.  Pack those coats, mittens and hats so you won’t be miserable.  Rain is part of many Disney vacations so plan accordingly.  Have rain gear that will help you handle the midafternoon rain so it doesn’t ruin the trip.  Being prepared for weather can really make a trip less stressful.

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4. Have good shoes/practice walking

Guests can plan to walk many miles in the most magical place on Earth.  If you aren’t prepared for this or your kids aren’t prepared for the walking it can become extremely stressful.  Take some time at home to go on family walks.  Doing this will help everyone get ready and be less likely to complain while on vacation.   Also make sure to have good walking shoes for everyone in the family.  If everyone has blisters on day one, it can be stressful and painful to keep going.  Try out the shoes at home on those family walks and consider bringing a few pairs so when it rains or if there are blisters that show up shoes can be switched out.  Happy feet mean happy family.

5. Downtime

There is so much to do in Walt Disney World that it is impossible to do it all.  With that in mind, allow yourself some downtime during your vacation.  Adults and kids get worn down from the heat, the excitement and the change in routine that a vacation to Disney brings.  To help lower stress and high emotions, schedule in some downtime.  This could be a full day to hang out at the resort or taking afternoons for the pool or even sleeping in one morning.  Giving everyone some time to relax can really help rejuvenate everyone. 

6. Pivot

Even though you have planned for months for your Disney vacation, make sure you allow yourself the chance to pivot and change plans.  Being willing to do this can lower stress.  If you force your family to stick to the plan even though they are tired or hungry, all it will do is add stress and frustration.  Be willing to adjust on the fly to enjoy what is right there instead of forcing everyone to stick to the schedule.

7. Water, water, water

A lot of time when people get stressed or emotions get high it is because of dehydration, hunger or being tired.  To help eliminate some of that, make sure to drink water throughout your vacation.  Bring those reusable water bottles and keep refilling them as much as possible.  Remember at Disney you can get free ice water at all quick service locations.

8. Communicate with traveling party

In a lot of families one person takes the lead when it comes to planning.  This can be a great way to manage plans; however, it can add stress when you arrive and not everyone is aware of the plan.  Make sure to communicate with those you are traveling with what the overall plan is for the day.  What rides, shows, attractions, and dining is scheduled.  A good way to help with this is to ask the goals of the family prior to heading down.  Know what the top 3-5 things are for everyone and try to get those planned into the schedule.  Doing this can help eliminate the stress when you arrive as they will know ahead of time when they can get their favorite meal or see their favorite princess.

9. Enjoy the small things

Our final step for having a stress-free trip to Disney is to allow yourself to enjoy the small things.  The rides on the PeopleMover, monorail, ferry or playing on Tom Sawyer Island can be some of the most magical parts of a vacation.  Take time to just enjoy the magic and breathe it all in.  Know that it won’t be perfect but it will be memorable and magical.

Those are a few tips for a stress-free trip to Walt Disney World.  We hope they help you as you plan your next vacation.

About Jennifer Retzlaff

My name is Jennifer Retzlaff and I became a lifelong Disney fan during my first trip to Walt Disney World in 6th grade. From that moment, Disney became a big part of my life. I live in Iowa with my husband and two kids who are growing up too quickly for my liking. I started introducing my love for Disney early to my family with a Disney honeymoon and then trips when our youngest of 18 months. Since then, our family has been to Walt Disney World over five times and we continue to plan and dream for the next trip. I love the magic that Disney brings to people through the theme parks, cruises, adventures and movies they create. As a teacher, I try to bring that magic into my classroom to help kids believe that “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.” I recently reached a dream of mine as I joined Magic Vacation Planner as a personal travel advisor. With this team, I can now help others plan magical vacations. As a passionate writer, I also have my own blog at magicalvacationsbyjen which is also where you can follow me on instagram for trip reviews along with tips and tricks for your next magical vacation.