Things Die-Hard Disney Fans REFUSE to Do

A Disney VIP Tour Guide Experience could include Character Dining
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When it comes to the Parks, there are some things that Disney fans refuse to do. Those who know and love the Parks the most are also the most critical of its “worst” parts.

On the Reddit thread r/WaltDisneyWorld, die-hard Disney fans responded to one simple question, “Is there anything in Disney you refuse to spend time/money on?” The responses were very insightful.

Avatar Flight of Passage

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1: Ride Times

The first main thing Disney fanatics won’t spend time on is extensive ride times. Many Disney fans use the Lightning Lane, virtual queues, or rope-dropping to ride their desired attractions. Fans who visit the Park regularly won’t typically wait in long lines that will suck up their entire day. With the queue often taking over three hours to get through, it can suck up a whole day,

2: Water

Water bottles at Disney are ridiculously expensive. You won’t catch Disney fans buying $5 Dasani bottles unless absolutely necessary. Instead, fans opt to bring a water bottle from home or get free water cups from quick service locations.

3: Minnie Vans

While Minnie Vans can be a lifesaver for some, many Disney fans skip them on their trips. The vans are expensive because of their novelty, and fans usually go for more affordable forms of transportation.

Minnie Vans

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4: Character Dining

Character dining can be extremely magical for many Disney Guests, but for those who visit the Park regularly, the breakfasts are not worth it. Character dining is extremely expensive, and you can usually see all of the characters in the Park pretty easily. Plus, Park interactions don’t cost more money!

'Ohana Character Dining

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5: Tipping

This one is pretty controversial. Many fans in the queue feel that tipping at Disney is not necessary. One user explains, “Sorry, but you lost me at tipping. If you’re having a $200 meal between the two of you, how is tipping $40-50 “the same” as paying for another person? Don’t be cheap on something that most directly affects a CM’s pay.”

In a place like Disney that costs so much, many believe that Disney shouldn’t expect Guests to tip. Instead, Disney should pay their workers a higher wage.

What things at Disney do you skip out on?

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