They’re Back: Potential Resellers Swarm to EPCOT for Orange Bird Merchandise

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It’s out with the old and in with the new at EPCOT, where the 2024 edition of the International Flower and Garden Festival has officially kicked off, bringing with it beautiful topiaries, new Disney recipes at food booths around the World Showcase, and of course, Orange Bird merchandise.

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Each year, as the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival kicks off, EPCOT sees an influx of visitors at Walt Disney World. Yes, many of them are there to try out fabulous drinks and snacks as they travel the different pavilions, but even more, are there for one reason, and one reason alone: to get their hands on one of Florida’s most recognizable mascots ever, Orange Bird.

Although not entirely exclusive to the Flower and Garden Festival, Orange Bird, which you can also find at Magic Kingdom (at Sunshine Tree Terrace) and Disney Springs, has become a symbol of the changing seasons along with Spike the Bee.

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However, his arrival at EPCOT also brings out one of the most despised Walt Disney World community members, online resellers. As Disney understands the power of Orange Bird, especially to those in the state of Florida, they plaster him on all sorts of merchandise, from t-shirts to an Orange Bird Sipper, Orange Bird Munchling, ears, and the extremely popular Loungefly collections.

A lot of this merchandise is exclusive to the 2024 International Flower and Garden Festival, meaning if you aren’t attending, or it isn’t sold on shopDisney or at a very rare Disney Store out there, you can’t get your hands on one. You must visit Walt Disney World, specifically EPCOT, during the festival and hope that they haven’t been sold out.

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The kicker is that due to their exclusivity and potential to sell out, they sell out even further now that Disney World has a reseller problem on their hands. These individuals will often swarm Disney merchandise locations during special events like the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival, often using Annual Passholder discounts to buy up all the goodies and then sell them online at a steep price.

Although many of us go to the Flower and Garden Festival to enjoy the beautifully crafted landscapes while enjoying a nice Citrus Blossom, many are flocking to Creations to throw as many Orange Bird Spirit Jerseys as they can fit in their cart.

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Of course, Disney is aware of the issue revolving around resellers. They’ve put some measures in place to try and prevent the problem, such as threatening to revoke Annual Passes or putting a limit on purchasing numbers, however, one quick Google search proves that the problem is still a prevalent one, especially when it comes to Orange Bird, who was contracted as an official mascot alongside the Florida Citrus Commission in 1970.

The problem doesn’t simply exist around Orange Bird either. You’ll find plenty of other exclusive merchandise marked up to ridiculous prices online, most of it coming straight from Disney World. Figment, exclusive party merchandise from Magic Kingdom, and opening day attraction memorabilia are all part of the business.

orange bird international flower and garden festival epcot

Credit: Mercari Screenshot

Most recently, when it comes to Orange Bird, the online community saw huge prices for a popular Orange Bird Sipper and Spirit Jersey from last year’s festival. As for 2024, it looks like the hot commodity will be the 2024 Lug Disney Parks International Flower and Garden Orange Bird Crossbody Bag.

Among other popular merchandise for this year’s International Flower and Garden Festival run are a brand-new Orange Bird Loungefly, Coco merchandise, and plenty of other adorable finds that thanks to huge flocks of resellers, will certainly find their way online.

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