Theme Park Makes Big Change to Attract More Guests

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Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding area are a hotbed of theme parks and entertainment. It is estimated that over 70 million people visit the area each year. Because of this, the theme parks often find themselves in competition to draw those visitors to their theme park.

This competition has recently pushed one beloved theme park to update and adjust its logo. The hope is that this new, trendy logo will draw more visitors to the park moving forward.

Universal Studios new logo

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New Logos = New Branding

Back in March 2023, Universal Orlando Resort released new, updated logos. Updates were shown for Universal Studios Florida, Universal Island of Adventure, Universal Volcano Bay, Universal CityWalk, and the highly anticipated Epic Universe.

Epic Universe, Universal Orlando Resort’s official third gate, is set to open in 2025. The new logos and branding indicate that Universal Orlando Resorts wants to update its look and branding.

As part of the rebranding, a slight and subtle name change was also introduced. Previously, both Universal Island of Adventure and Universal Volcano Bay saw “Universal” with a possessive nature (Universal’s Volcano Bay, Universal’s Islands of Adventure).

The new logos do not have this anymore, allowing these two theme parks to stand independently without Universal, which we would agree they do.

Universal Destinations & Experiences CEO Mark Woodbury discussed in September that the new branding is about Universal Orlando Resort expanding its offerings to guests. Woodbury stated that the resort wants to be a “full-week vacation” destination.

Volcano Bay new logo

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Fresh Look

Although the new logo for both Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure has been seen throughout the resort, this weekend, Universal Volcano Bay’s new logo made an appearance.

The new logo was seen in the parking garage hub near security and by the moving walkways coming from the Spider-Man, E.T., and The Cat in the Hat side of the parking garage.

The old logo had a more beach, relaxed, laid-back look. The newer logo provides a much more aggressive, detailed look. The volcano remains the focal point in the new logo; however, a new water feature in the back ties this logo nicely into the other two parks.

All three parks now have a very similar logo style, bringing them all together. Designers have taken the iconic Universal globe and made similar features for Universal Island of Adventure and Universal Volcano Bay.

Universal Studios Orlando enterance

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Will New Logo Attract Visitors

We aren’t sure if a new logo will drastically change family vacation plans, but it can’t hurt. One of the perks of Orlando being a massive hub for theme parks is the competition it brings. As Walt Disney World and Universal Orland Resort strive to be the best in the area, we can visitors get to benefit.

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universal studios orlando and cinderella castle disney world

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We have seen the two companies compete back and forth to bring guests the best-themed lands, top, innovation in rides, and the most unique experiences possible. As they strive to be the best, we will continue to enjoy all the excitement, magic, and fun they bring to use during our vacations to the Orlando area.

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