The Wedding Dresses Disney Princesses Would ACTUALLY Wear

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Credit: Disney and @LillieDawson

When it comes to happily ever after, this TikTok user knows what Princesses would wear!

For decades, millions of fans have idolized the incredible ensemble of women that make up Disney’s Princesses. Disney has brought so many incredible Princesses to life over the years, and generations of women have grown up loving these kind, brave, and intelligent role models.

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‘Disney Princess Fever’ Refuses to Die Down

One of the best things about the Princesses is that each Disney Princess has their own unique personality, story, and style. Every fan has a favorite Princess for their own special reason. For many, the Princesses serve as role models for a fan’s entire life.

Many a bride-to-be looks to emulate the effortless beauty and grace that a Princess has on their wedding day. After all, what could be better than having a ‘Happily Ever After’ of your own?! The demand for Disney Princess-inspired wedding dresses has gotten so large Disney has begun manufacturing their own lines of dresses. While they are undoubtedly gorgeous, some fans don’t think they fully embody the characters.

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Credit: Disney

TikToker Goes Viral For “The Most Accurate Dress Video Ever!”

TikToker Lillie Dawson posts tons of content from her job as a wedding stylist. She has found a niche in picking dresses inspired by iconic characters. A video that she made showing each Disney Princess’s Wedding Gown has gone massively viral for being incredibly accurate. The video now was over 8.6 million likes and over 53 million views!


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♬ so this is love – soft girl aesthetic

Fans are obsessed with how realistic and movie-like her gown selections are. They really look like they were plucked right off of the page! For upcoming brides looking to dress like a Disney Princess on their special day, don’t be afraid to look beyond Disney’s collections. Some other designers may have nailed the Princess Wedding Dresses looks even better than Disney did!

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