The Top 6 Reasons We Love Dining in Epcot

Walt Disney World’s Epcot is the only place where you can go around the world in one night without leaving the park. That’s right folks, you can have breakfast in Germany, lunch in Mexico, and dinner in Italy. Talk about living the dream. Seriously, when else are you able to do that? Because Epcot is one of a kind, it holds a special place in my heart – and my stomach. Here are my top six reasons why I love eating and drinking around the world.

6. You can have any kind of food you imagined

Out of Epcot’s 11 country pavilions, you are bound to find something to fit your fancy. Why not take the chance to try escargot in France or authentic Norwegian pastries in Norway? And don’t forget, all of these foods are made and served by people from their respective country. But, if you want to play it safe and stick to what you know, you could always find some chicken fingers and fries in America.

5. Epcot’s Food and Wine festival

Each fall, Epcot hosts their Food and Wine Festival, where the dining options in the park are amped up to include even more countries and options than before. In 2017 the festival will start even earlier with its beginning on August 31st, (instead of mid-September in previous years), and run until mid-November. At the Food and Wine Festival, you’ll find small plates and drinks that feature countries that may or may not be included in World Showcase regularly. Some of these special features include Belgium, Brazil, Patagonia (part of Argentina and Chile), Poland, and Greece.

4. Culture and atmosphere

Epcot’s World Showcase holds the culture of eleven countries in a 1.2 mile loop around the 40-acre World Showcase lagoon. Each pavilion immerses you in the different culture, food, and lifestyle of that country. In Morocco, you can roam the bazaar and get a henna tattoo. In Canada, you can walk through the Victoria Gardens, modeled after the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. What better way is there to learn about a country than to visit the next best thing?

3. There’s all different price ranges

This applies to all of Disney’s theme parks, but for someone like me who wants to try a lot of the different foods Epcot has to offer, it makes it easy to do just that. The Food and Wine Festival offers small plates and drinks, ranging approximately $3-$10. Quick service meals and snacks offer meals at a relatively low price compared to full service dining. Lastly, signature dining experiences like that at Monsieur Paul’s offer a fine dining option to those looking for a fancy night out.

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2. Character dining

While the vast amount of dining experiences keeps the adults happy, there are also a few character meals available for the kids at Epcot. At the Garden Grill in The Land pavilion, you’ll find Chip, Dale, and other classic Disney characters. At the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall you’ll dine with royalty as princesses visit your table for pictures and autographs.

1.  It’s convenient

While walking around Epcot, you will never be at a loss for food options. Whether visiting the park for the whole day or just a date night, you will be able to have whatever cuisine you would like without leaving the park.

About Alexandra Blazevich

Hello, my name is Alexandra Blazevich and I am a 22 year old journalist. Put quite simply, I am a Disney addict. I am originally from Cary, North Carolina, a small town just outside of Raleigh. In 2013, I moved to Orlando, Florida to dance with The Orlando Ballet, pursuing my childhood dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer- but I spent all my free time either in Disney World or thinking about it. Now, I am a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill and write for a various publications, but Disney will always be my favorite subject to write about.