The New Disco Yeti: Rise of the Resistance Continues to Disappoint

Rise of the Resistance disney ride breakdowns
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Walt Disney World is home to many beautifully crafted stories that are told through the use of amazing technology, savvy Imagineering tricks, and huge sets. When it comes to their top-rated E-ticket attraction, in true Disney fashion, no idea is too expensive or too ambitious when bringing our favorite characters and locations to life. However, despite the eagerness of Disney to create magical and immersive experiences, maybe it’s time to scale it back, as one of their latest attractions, Rise of the Resistance, has proven time and again to be unreliable, often not worth the Lightning Lane price.

Rise of the resistance galaxys edge

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The Resistance Rises

When Disney announced Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World, images of Star Destroyers, Jedi, Sith, and more from the galaxy far, far away were all on the table. Although the park opened in 2019 with one attraction, Smuggler’s Run, everyone understood that the real draw was still coming.

Months later, Hollywood Studios would see the official unveiling of what many consider to be the greatest attraction experience Disney has ever built: Rise of the Resistance.

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Rise of the Resistance isn’t just a ride; it is an immersive experience at Disney Parks that plunges guests into the heart of the Star Wars universe. This groundbreaking attraction, located in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Park, combines cutting-edge technology with the magic of storytelling to create an unforgettable journey.

The fabulous attraction combines the lore and glory that is Star Wars, bringing guests to a secret mission that involves several different locations, including a rebel base on Batuu and a Star Destroyer, all while being surrounded by popular characters from the sequel trilogy.

The Mission

As guests enter the attraction, they are recruited to join the Resistance in a daring mission against the First Order. Although they still find themselves within the confines of Hollywood Studios, given the fantastic job by Disney Imagineers, guests are mentally transported to another planet long before they board a ship following instructions from Rey and BB-8.

Admit It. Rise of the Resistance Has Lost Its Appeal

Credit: Disney/ Canva

From encountering iconic characters like Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron to navigating through a Star Destroyer, every moment is designed to transport visitors into a galaxy far, far away.

Once inside, guests are treated to thrilling encounters, like escaping the clutches of the First Order, while being trapped and brought onto their Star Destroyer for questioning by Kylo Ren. Guests are placed right in the middle of the epic battle between the Resistance and the dark forces of the galaxy.

Rise of the Resistance is Innovative in a Few Ways

One of the innovative features of Rise of the Resistance was the integration of the virtual queue system, allowing guests to secure a spot to ride without waiting in long lines. Through the Disney Genie app, visitors can join a boarding group and receive notifications when it’s their turn to experience the adventure.

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Although Disney now offers a standby line for Rise of the Resistance and sells Individual Lightning Lanes for the attraction, the concept of boarding groups, which are still used at Guardians in EPCOT, was born in Batuu.

Outside of virtual queues, Rise of the Resistance maintains to be a technological marvel. Several aspects set it apart from other high-dollar attractions that you’ll find in a Disney Park. Rise of the Resistance is second to none, from stunning animatronics to huge elaborate sets, high-tech ride vehicles, and more.

star wars rise of the resistance

Credit: Becky Burkett

Rise of the Resistance is a testament to the unparalleled storytelling and immersive environments crafted by Walt Disney Imagineering. With its seamless blend of technology and narrative, this attraction stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of theme parks, captivating fans of all ages with its magic and wonder.

The Problem with Rise of the Resistance

Nothing is ever as good as it seems in a theme park. Despite the huge amount of adoration for Rise of the Resistance, it still has its flaws, and some of them are gleaming, making guests weary of spending extra money to ride.

Due to the very nature of the experience, combining tech from other rides like Star Tours, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and even Avatar: Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom, Rise of the Resistance is extremely unreliable.

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It’s almost certain that the attraction will have downtime for repairs at least once a day, often multiple times.  The story is the same on both coasts. Whether it’s at Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort, the ride often breaks down or operates unintentionally due to its highly innovative technology.

It’s gotten so bad that guests are comparing it to Expedition Everest, which hasn’t seen the infamous Yeti work for decades.

Guests Becoming Increasingly Frustrated and Offer a Little Insight

If you’re an avid reader of Disney Dining, you probably know that sometimes we like to screen message boards for story ideas. Although some of you may disagree with this method of reporting, it does help present ideas and concepts from the point of view of Disney guests who don’t work under fan sites.

In doing some research, it’s becoming increasingly evident that fans are getting impatient with the issues surrounding Rise of the Resistance, especially considering it is typically one of the more expensive options when considering an Individual Lightning Lane Selection.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Credit: Disney

As a virtual queue is no longer utilized at Walt Disney World, it isn’t uncommon for the attraction to hold a standby line over two hours long. Often, these guests are waiting this long to find an attraction that doesn’t work properly, as it is running in an alternate mode to avoid complete shutdowns.

One recent Reddit post, made by u/museratopc, created a thread in which many others highlighted their experiences with faulty props and scenes on the rides. From cannons not firing to a white Kylo Ren lightsaber, broken animatronics, and more, Rise of the Resistance is not standing the test of time well.

The Force was not with RotR tonight
byu/MuseratoPC inWaltDisneyWorld

However, one particular commentor, u/greenchocolate, who claims her husband works as ride show tech at Hollywood Studios provided some treasured insight into the problems that are occuring keeping maintenance busy around the ride and the rest of the park.

“My husband works as a computers ride show tech. They are constantly doing work on the rides (just to keep the ride going) and the figures get scheduled to someone depending on if they’re aren’t more pressing issues. They were having a HECK of a time with one of the two ADA vehicles on Smugglers Run for a while… so a lot of energy and time went into that.

He did say though that some CRST’s view the canons as their “white whale” of sorts… and want to fix them. But preventative maintenance usually takes top booking”

Rise of the Resistance Needs Serious TLC

It would seem that Rise of the Resistance is in a constant state of need. As the ride holds a huge amount of park guests at Hollywood Studios, it’s imperative that it remain running. Outside of huge issues, Disney World does this by operating it in what they refer to as “B Mode.” Often this means guests won’t get a pre-show, the audio may be off, or they won’t get to see Kylo Ren blown from the Star Destroyer.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge millennium Falcon

Credit: Disney

This may not seem like a big deal for many of us who visit Walt Disney World often, but imagine it being your only chance to enjoy this high-demand attraction. It could be devasting to never get to enjoy Rise of the Resistance in its full glory.

Sadly, until Disney commits to making necessary changes, if there are any that could be made, guests will have to endure the Russian Roulette-style chance to enjoy this fabulous attraction as it was designed too.

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