Disney Reveals Surprise Permanent Closure, Guests Left in Disbelief

The Beast's Library Disneyland
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The Walt Disney Company frustrated many guests recently after dropping a surprise closure announcement for a famous attraction in one of its iconic theme parks.

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The Disney Animation Building

The Disney Animation Building is an attraction located in Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. The building serves as a celebration of Disney animation, providing guests with an immersive and educational experience about the art of animation.

Inside the Disney Animation Building, various exhibits, displays, and interactive activities showcase the history and process of Disney animation. Visitors can explore different rooms that highlight the creation of beloved Disney characters and films.

The Animation Courtyard is a space where guests can watch classic Disney animated film clips and enjoy character meet-and-greets. The Sorcerer’s Workshop offers interactive activities like drawing your favorite Disney characters.

Additionally, the Animation Academy allows guests to participate in drawing classes taught by Disney artists, allowing them to learn the art of animation hands-on. You can also have an unforgettable live conversation with Crush from Finding Nemo (2003) at the Turtle Talk with Crush attraction.

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The Beast’s Library at Disneyland

The Beast’s Library is a longstanding and beautiful location within the Disney Animation Building. The space is themed after the character Beast from Disney’s animated classic Beauty and the Beast (1991). Guests entering this area step into an enchanting recreation of the library in the Beast castle, as depicted in the movie.

The library has magical effects, including a show that lets you discover your inner Disney character hosted by Lumiere and Cogsworth. Guests can also find displays featuring scenes and characters from Beauty and the Beast. It has been a prominent part of the building, but that is about to change.

Fireplace Beast's Castle

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The Beast’s Library Closing Permanently

To the shock of everyone, Disney recently unveiled plans to change the Blue Sky Cellar at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park into a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) home center. This location has served as a preview center where guests can get a sneak peek at upcoming attractions, shows, and developments within the Disneyland Resort.

Disney Journalist Scott Gustin gave some inside information on the bombshell plans Disneyland has in store. The Disney Imagination Campus currently occupying the Bly Sky Cellar will be moved into the Disney Animation Building, replacing The Beast’s Library.

This means The Beast’s Library is closing permanently to make room for the campus. Guests cannot experience the beautiful and immersive location after December 10, when it closes for good, to start the transition process.

Guests Frustrated Over Surprise Closure

Fans have responded with anger and disbelief over the change. An entire Reddit thread has popped up online with people venting their frustrations over Disney removing something fun to make room for more Disney Vacation Club spaces.

Basically removing something fun so they can move something to make way for touting their timeshares. (I get that DVC isn’t a typical timeshare but it’s a timeshare system nonetheless)

byu/why__it from discussion

Many Disneyland fans wonder why Disney has chosen to remove this location, and others lament the decision. One user stresses that no announced change to the park to make room for a DVC experience has ever resulted in a good time for guests who aren’t DVC members.

Maybe it’s because I’m not a DVC member, but absolutely none of the announced changes to the parks as a direct result of some added benefit to DVC has been good, what so ever. Utilizing the Innoventions building as a DVC lounge is such a waste of space when that entire area should be re-hauled into some big ticket attraction for all guests to enjoy. And now we’re losing the library just so DVC can move into the Blue Cellar? This is all just pandering to a wealthier subset of clients while detracting from the park experience for the other 99% of guests.

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Another was frustrated that Disney seems to be pressuring people to become a Disney Vacation Club member. However, they don’t believe it is worth the money when the quality of the parks seems to be diminishing instead of improving.

They make ridiculous amounts of money on DVC in the long haul, so they’re REALLY pushing to incentivize folks into signing up. But its is only worth it if the parks continue to grow and improve. The opposite is happening. Majority of that promised $60 billion isn’t going into what people imagine it is.

byu/why__it from discussion

Disney has not commented on the matter. Disney Dining will continue to update this story with any new information. You have until December 10 to enjoy The Beast’s Library at Disneyland in California Adventure before it closes forever.

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