This Disney Park’s Most Beloved Attraction Is In Startlingly Bad Shape

It was recently announced that EPCOT’s upcoming attraction, Journey of Water Inspired By Moana, would be opening soon. With the addition of this self-guided outdoor trail, EPCOT’s historic transformation will be complete.

But Guests feel that EPCOT needs to pay more attention to its first and most beloved gem: Spaceship Earth.

Credit: Disney

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EPCOT’s historic transformation was planned to be much more extensive, including more attractions and some much-needed updates to existing Park structures.

However, the recent pandemic directly affected the construction, halting or delaying nearly all of it.

Credit: DIsney

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As a result of these delays and in an attempt to please shareholders, the Walt Disney Company has hastily altered its plans, declaring that the Disney Park’s historic transformation would be officially finished once Journey of Water opens.

Due to this decision to rush the transformation along, Spaceship Earth is totally being neglected.

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The ride is in such bad shape, that it reportedly leaks when it rains. Not only that, but Walt Disney World even knows that it leaks! This isn’t an optimal flaw for an attraction nestled in the middle of the rainiest state in America…

That’s not its only flaw, either. Spaceship Earth is decades old, and its age has become quite noticeable.

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Not only are the depictions of the ‘modern’ and ‘future’ technology horribly dated, but the ride’s own technology system has gotten clunkier and louder with age.

Hopefully, Walt Disney World Resort will pay more attention to this classic dark ride and give it the TLC it deserves. Until then, Spaceship Earth will be left to continue to deteriorate.

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