Sip This, Skip That: Cocktails In Hollywood Studios

Cocktails in hollywood studios

There is nothing like experiencing Walt Disney World as a kid. It is wondrous to meet your favorite characters and walk into the worlds previously only seen in your imagination. But a close second is visiting Disney World as an adult, and experiencing those worlds of your childhood, while also taking time to enjoy some great awesome cocktails around the Disney property!

We love to try new and interesting cocktails that we might not normally make ourselves, but sometimes they can miss the mark. It can hurt a little extra at Walt Disney World, when you order a drink that you don’t enjoy, because that drink often costs $15 or more. But you live, and you learn, or you let us learn for you and save you some of the pain!

Hollywood Studios
Credit: Disney

During our recent visit to Hollywood Studios, we went on the hunt to find the best cocktails throughout the Park. Hollywood Studios has some of the most sip-worthy cocktails on property and some great spots to enjoy them! If you score a reservation at Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, check out our full Sip This, Skip That review here.

Joffrey’s Coffee

One spot with cocktails that may surprise you is Joffrey’s Coffee — which has two locations in Hollywood Studios — at the exit of Toy Story Land, as well as near the exit of Tower of Terror. Both Joffrey’s offer multiple options to turn your coffee or tea into a cocktail, and often have shorter lines than the kiosk bars and more popular drink stands.

Sip This –They offer a Kahlua-tini with their signature cold brew, Kahlua, vodka, and your choice of milk. This is a great cocktail really any time of day, especially to wake you up or cool you down during the warmer months… which is most of the time in Orlando. 

Skip That— Traditional Irish coffee with Jameson in hot coffee with or without Bailey’s, then topped with whipped cream. A great option during the one chilly day we have here in Orlando, but for most visits, it’s probably not what you want walking around the parks on a warm day.

Galaxy’s Edge Milk Stand

Next stop, Galaxy’s Edge milk stand. While you are most likely aware that you can get blue or green milk, you may not be aware that you can also get the adult version, turning them into delicious frozen cocktails. And don’t forget the added bonus of being able to mobile order these and skip the line altogether!

Credit: Disney

Sip This — The blue milk with the rum definitely our favorite, with the rum complementing the flavor and sweetness of the blue milk really well.

Skip That — The green milk has tequila added. It didn’t resemble a margarita, like we’ve heard some say, and honestly, it just tastes like the green milk. It’s nothing special, but you will probably enjoy it if you enjoy the green milk and don’t want to taste any alcohol in your cocktail.

Baseline Tap House

Our next stop may come as somewhat of a surprise — the Baseline Tap House. At first glance, it seems like it is all beer all day. In reality, there is another full-service bar with some really great bartenders. 

BaseLine Tap House
Credit: Disney

Sip ThisBaseline Tap House is another bar where you can be adventurous and let your bartender surprise you with a wonderful drink made just for you. Our favorite cocktail ended up being a customized version of our Skip That choice…

Skip That — We had heard that the California Sunset is a must-try here: Absolut Vodka, Southern Comfort, Orange Juice, Sweet-and-Sour with a float of Pomegranate Juice. However, we could not get on board with the Southern Comfort (college flashbacks), or the sweet and sour. While this is a pre-made cocktail on tap there, the bartender ended up making us our own version to order, substituting the Southern Comfort with extra vodka and the sweet and sour with fresh lime juice. It turned out to be the best-presented drink we had all day and exactly what we wanted.

Hollywood Brown Derby

Another great place to go for an extra special drink and something to eat is the Hollywood Brown Derby. While everyone knows to go there for a full meal, you might not think to grab a reservation for a drink and an appetizer to share. We went there and asked to be seated at the lone table by the bar, where we were able to watch the bartenders and have a great view of the entire restaurant.

Credit: Disney

Sip This – We found that you really can’t go wrong with the martini flight or the margarita flight. Even though both seemed to be ordered at least every minute, the bartender makes each batch fresh with every flight. The martinis are so perfectly prepared that we were able to make a martini hater in our group into a fan! Grab some food (we recommend the Famous Cobb Salad) and it makes for a perfect afternoon experience. 

Skip That – We enjoyed all 6 cocktails in the flights. Reservations are usually fairly easy to get here compared to some others around Disney World and if you’re just grabbing a drink or two and a salad or appetizer it can be a very affordable, enjoyable experience.

Tune In Lounge

Despite years of going to Hollywood Studios, we had never really paid much attention to the Tune In Lounge (and hesitated to even write about it because it is really one of the best-hidden spots). It was the best place to cool off and relax with a made-to-order delicious cocktail. The Tune-In Lounge is connected to 50’s Prime Time Café, and continues with that theming. There is a full bar with talented bartenders here and no one rushing you to move on from the comfortable couch and nostalgic atmosphere. 

Credit: Disney

Sip This – This is one of the locations you can find the Magical Beacon Cocktail: Empress 1908 Gin, Bols Blue Curaçao, Minute Maid® Premium Lemonade, Orgeat (Almond), Lemon, Hibiscus Grenadine, and a souvenir Glow Cube. It is slightly sweet, delicious, and makes for a great dessert cocktail after your meal or after a lot of walking around in the hot sun.

Skip That – We tried a few drinks after chatting with the bartender for recommendations and did not find one that we didn’t enjoy. Our new favorite bar in the Parks.

While there are plenty of bar carts and deliciously sweet pre-made cocktails around Hollywood Studios, we found that there are some great spots to relax and enjoy fresh, made-to-order drinks. We found plenty of talented bartenders in spots with a really great atmosphere to complement your sip-worthy cocktail selection. Go try one for yourself when you find yourself in need of liquid courage to hop on the Tower of Terror or want to relax after blasting off on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Cheers!

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