Days After the Tragic Death of Her Co-Star, ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Star Announces “Miracle” Happening As Cancer Spreads to Her Brain and Bones

beverly hills 90210 reboot cast
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Just days after the death of her former co-star, one Beverly Hills, 90210 actress is sharing what she calls a “miracle” development in her own challenging journey.

Beverly Hills 90210 cast tragedies

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Beverly Hills, 90210 debuted on the Fox television network in October 1990 and quickly became a success, amassing a major following among teenagers and young adults. The series follows the everyday lives of a group of friends living in Beverly Hills, California, as they attend high school and prepare for college and life outside of school as adults.

But for all the show’s accolades and success, the lives of many members of the cast of the hit 90s drama, which included Luke Perry, Jason Priestly, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green, and Gabrielle Carteris, has been plagued by tragedy since the show ended in May 2000.

Jason Priestly: Car Crash at 180 Miles Per Hour

In 2002, Jason Priestly, known for his role as Brandon Walsh in the series, crashed into a wall while driving 180 miles per hour. He was reportedly at the Kentucky Speedway doing laps around the track when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed. The force of the impact immediately broke his back, and he was airlifted to the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center.

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Beverly Hills 90210 cast tragedies

Credit: Fox Entertainment

He presented at the hospital with a head injury, broken feet, and a broken back. He had to be placed on a respirator to help him breathe.

Though Priestly went on to recover from the horrific accident, his co-star Shannen Doherty said during an interview in 2015 that his memory was forever changed by the impact.

“I love Jason, but you know, he had a car accident, a racing accident,” she explained, “and I think maybe parts of his memory got altered from that.”

Luke Perry: Dead at Just 52

In March 2019, actor Luke Perry, who played Dylan McKay in the 90s teen drama from 1990 to 1995, suffered a massive stroke at his home. He was taken by paramedics to Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, where he died at the age of 52, reportedly surrounded by family and friends.

Beverly Hills 90210 cast tragedies

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Denise Dowse: Severe Illness & Death

In 2022, another Beverly Hills 90210 star died. Denise Dowse played the role of Mrs. Yvonne Teasley in the show. Dowse fell into a coma induced by a “virulent form of meningitis” at the age of 64.

Beverly Hills 90210 cast tragedies

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Dowse’s sister announced her death with a tribute to the late actress, saying, “It is with a very heavy heart that I inform everyone that my sister, Denise Dowse, has gone forward to meet our family in eternal life. [She] was the most amazing sister, a consummate, illustrious actress, mentor, and director. She was my very best friend and final family member. Denise loved all of you. I know that she is watching over us with all the love she has.”

David Gail: Sudden Cardiac Arrest at Age 58

More recently, David Gail, the actor who played Stuart Carson, Brenda’s fiancé, tragically died in January 2024. His sister announced his passing, but at the time of her post, the cause of his death was unknown.

Since that time, it has been determined that he passed away from complications associated with a sudden cardiac arrest.

Beverly Hills 90210 cast tragedies

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Shannen Doherty’s Personal Battle

Actress Shannen Doherty, best known as Brenda Walsh in the 90s teen drama on Fox, was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in 2015.

Over the years, she has shared her struggles, challenges, and the emotions that accompany such a diagnosis, as well as the treatments she endures for such a disease. In addition to dealing with her disease, in April 2023, Doherty announced she had filed for divorce from her husband of more than 12 years, Kurt Iswarienko.

shannen doherty cancer miracle

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Only months ago, the now-52-year-old revealed that the cancer she had been fighting so hard to keep at bay had metastasized, or spread, to her brain and her bones, leaving many fans to fear the worst was just on the horizon. But the week, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum said she’s recently received a miracle in her treatments.

During an episode of Doherty’s podcast, Let’s Be Clear, Doherty and her radiation oncologist, Dr. Amin Mirhadi, talked about her journey to fight the disease, as well as about how Doherty works hard at not comparing her journey with anyone else’s.

Beverly Hills 90210 cast tragedies

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She also spoke about her own “miracle” that is happening in her treatments.

“I’m not gonna say what it is,” Doherty said. “I’m on a new cancer infusion, and after four treatments, we didn’t really see a difference, and everybody wanted me to switch, and I just kinda was like, ‘We’re gonna keep going with this and see.;”

“After the sixth or seventh treatment, we really saw it breaking down the blood-brain barrier. Do I call that a miracle? Yeah. For me, that happens to be a miracle right now. That I sort of rolled the dice and said, ‘Let’s keep going.'”

Beverly Hills 90210 cast tragedies

Credit: Fox Entertainment

Doherty continued, saying that her doctor was comfortable with her wishes to continue the current treatment, and with his support, she has seen some very hopeful results.

“And that it’s actually breaking down that blood-brain barrier is actually a miracle of that drug,” Doherty said, adding that the hopeful results were “a miracle of maybe God intervening and saying, ‘I’m gonna give her a break.’ Sometimes you’re looking for miracles in all the wrong places, and they’re right in front of your face.”

She further said that keeping a positive outlook has helped her in her fight against Stage 4 breast cancer.

“Every day is a gift, and there are so many new things in the works that I think hope is always there. I think it’s so important,” she says. “Listen, I can die today, I can die in 20 years, I don’t know. I can die walking outside of my house and a tree falling on me or a bus hitting me, whatever. Or I can die of cancer. But all I can do is live each day in as much as a positive manner with hope as I can and embrace it and feel like, ‘Wow, I get to wake up again today, what can I do?'”

shannen doherty cancer miracle

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She adds, “I believe that positivity that you bring into your life, I think it helps with your whole body. I think that it helps you fight the cancer. Mind over matter a little bit.”

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