Scorpions, Cockroaches, Mold, and MORE?! Guests Share Their Disney Hotel HORROR Stories!

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We promise visiting Walt Disney World Resort isn’t usually like this!

When it comes to planning a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is where to stay. Luckily, Disney offers an array of options suited to every budget and preference. From a luxurious Deluxe Resort to a cost-effective Value Resort, there is a Disney Resort hotel for everyone.

Disney is known worldwide for its exemplary accommodations. With Guests shelling out hundreds of dollars per night on a Hotel room, excellence is expected. Usually, Disney provides nothing short of stellar Guest housing, but every once in a while, mistakes happen and Guests are left less than satisfied. Some Guests decided to share their Disney hotel horror stories on Reddit recently and believe me, they are wild!

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Guests Tell All on Their Wacky Disney Resort Stays

This all started when Reddit user u/27_and_51 decided to ask fans what to expect on their upcoming Disney vacation. They said;

“Hello fellow Disney lovers. I’m heading to Disney for the first time in a whiiiiile next week. I was just thinking about where I’m staying, and my experiences in the past. For all my previous trips, I was really young and every hotel was magical for me regardless of what the reality was. But now as an adult, I am aware that things can and do go wrong. So, out of pure (possibly morbid) curiosity, I would love to hear any “horror stories” you may have from a WDW resort OR a good neighbor hotel!”

And boy, oh boy, did Guests deliver on some truly horrific and unbelievable stories.

There are tons of typical complaints, such as loud rooms and late check-ins, which are relatively normal problems at hotels. Some of them, however, are certainly not normal.

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Pop Century

What Is Going on at WDW?!

It seems that a common complaint at the ‘Most Magical Place on Earth’ is bugs! One Guest, user r/TheGR8HoytNerd, shares their horror story, saying;

“Like many others here mine happened at pop century. It was in 2010 (I was 8 at the time) and I went in to shower before going to bed and found 6. SIX BIG A** ROACHES in our tub.

Disney did move us to a new room but that was the last time my family stayed at pop century. We started staying at deluxe hotels after that (Comtemp, Poly, Beach Club and Boardwalk)”

Another Guest, user r/americanpeony, shares a similar but even more horrific story;

“Had a bad experience at Caribbean Beach. I know most people love it there but our room was dirty, had mosquitos in it, and everywhere outside on property it felt like people were smoking. I have never stayed on Disney property and even SEEN people smoking so this was a shock to me.This was in 2019.

Other resorts we’ve stayed at and had no issues with…Swan, Dolphin, Beach Club, Pop, and Boardwalk, AKL Kidani. Going to stay at Grand Floridian and AKL Jambo House here in a few weeks and will report back. 😂”


Could It Get Worse

Taking it up a notch, one Guest found a SCORPION in their room! User r/ADeSieno75 says;

“Scorpion in our room at Pop. Like massive one. Pest control took almost 3 hours to come and get it.”

Sound horrific? What about this Guest, whose room resembled a crime scene!? User r/ClassicSpookMovieFan said;

“The Polynesian (in 2002) had such a bad mosquito problem at our room/building that squishing them all left blood splatter on the wall/door where we squished them. That was our worst Disney stay.
The Pop Century (in 2023) lost our paid-for room reservation. The manager at Pop did manage to get us a nice room and it went smoothly from there though.”

Bad/Less Than Ideal Resort Experiences?
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We Promise, It’s Not Usually Like This

While this thread is definitely shocking, it is important to know that Disney is not usually like this. The Disney World Hotels Lake Buena Vista have established themselves as truly exceptional Resorts, and a few bad instances do not accurately represent the reality of staying at these Resorts.

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