Ranking Epcot’s World Showcase Pavilions by Best Shopping at Walt Disney World

The World Showcase in Epcot is a wonderful place full of new sights and sounds. Some of the best things to do in this area of the park include eating, drinking, enjoying entertainment, and of course, shopping. The shopping in World Showcase is incredible. In fact, we’d even go so far as to say it’s some of the best on property! Each pavilion has dozens of awesome items to choose from, and many are actually from the country being represented. On top of that, many of the shops are also themed, giving you the chance to feel as if you’re actually shopping in another country. While all of the pavilions each have something unique and interesting to offer in terms of merchandise, some are definitely better than others. In this article we will rank each pavilion’s shops and merchandise, so you’ll know exactly where to go to experience the best shopping during your visit to this fabulous part of Epcot.

1. Japan

By far, the best shopping in World Showcase is in the Japan pavilion. This pavilion is home to the enormous Mitsukoshi shop, which sells all kinds of Japanese merchandise and has an awesome “pick-a-pearl” table that allows guests to choose an oyster and keep the pearl found inside. The shop is named after the world’s oldest department store, which of course can be found in Japan.

2. China

Second on our list is the China pavilion. This pavilion features Good Fortune Gifts, a shop that is quite large (though not as large as Mitsukoshi) and offers a variety of authentic Chinese merchandise. From toys and candy to unique home decor, you’re sure to find something you like here. Best of all, there’s something that fits even the tightest of budgets.

3. Mexico

We love shopping in the Mexico pavilion! The shopping (like most of the rest of the pavilion) is located inside of the large pyramid. The interior of this pyramid is themed to look like an outdoor bazaar at night and is super fun to walk around in. Merchandise includes such items as piñatas, sombreros, maracas, and much more.

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4. Germany

The Germany pavilion is a fun place to shop as well. This pavilion features a number of different shops. These include a caramel shop with some seriously awesome caramel popcorn, a Christmas ornament shop that is absolutely lovely, a toy shop, a wine shop, a drinkware and home decor shop, and a shop completely dedicated to soccer apparel and accessories.

5. United Kingdom

Another area that features a variety of shops is the United Kingdom pavilion. In these shops you’ll find clothing, toys, candies and treats, tea (and tea accessories), swords and other weapons, and more. The thing that is most exciting about the shopping in the UK pavilion, however, is at the Crown and Crest, where you can look up and learn about your family crest before having it framed or printed onto various merchandise.

6. Morocco

Shopping in the Morocco pavilion is a fun and interesting experience. The theming of the area is just perfect and really transports you to a completely different place. We also love that the items sold in this pavilion are authentic. The typical kitschy souvenirs are not found here at all. The only reason Morocco isn’t higher on our list is the fact that most of the items aren’t things we would tend to buy for ourselves.

7. France

The France pavilion has several different fun little shops. We appreciate the wine shop where guests can sample wines for a fee. There is also a perfume and cologne shop, along with a typical souvenir shop with a variety of France-themed items. While many of these things are authentic, we just feel like—for the most part—the France shops lack the heart we see in other pavilion shops.

8. Italy

Like the France pavilion, the Italy pavilion has a collection of shops. These little stores sell such items as perfume and cologne, Italian chocolates, clothing, and accessories. All of these things are nice. However, as is the case with the France pavilion, these shops just don’t feel as well themed and intriguing as many of the other shopping opportunities in the park.

9. Norway

Shops in the Norway pavilion are fine. They feature some Norwegian perfumes as well as candies, troll-themed items, and apparel. Unfortunately, much of the shopping in this pavilion revolves around the Frozen franchise and the typical souvenir style t-shirts. We just have a hard time getting behind these things when there is so much authentic merchandise in other pavilions, putting this pavilion rather low on our list.

10. Canada

Perhaps it’s because Canadian merchandise doesn’t differ much from the merchandise found here in the States, but we just find the shopping in the Canada Pavilion to be uninspired. Sure, there are some maple-flowered treats, but honestly, we feel like the maple thing may be taken a bit too far. Most other items just seem too typical and underwhelming.

11. United States

By far the most dull shopping experience in the World Showcase is found in the United States pavilion. The whole shop is filled with souvenir-style items bearing the words “United States”. There is nothing at all interesting or unique about the shop, leaving us feeling pretty disappointed in it.

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