Pipe Burst at Disney Theme Park, Classic Disney Attraction Filled With Water

Snow White Disneyland
Credit: Aubrey Odom

What a sight!

Snow White’s Enchanted Wish takes visitors on a captivating journey through the beloved fairy tale film of Snow White. From the iconic story of the princess fleeing from the Evil Queen to seeking refuge with the Seven Dwarfs, this enchanting attraction brings to life the magic of the classic tale.

As guests step into this immersive experience, they are transported into the world of Snow White, encountering familiar characters like the Seven Dwarfs and the charming Prince along the way. The attraction is not just a ride; it is a reimagined adventure that delights visitors of all ages with its enchanting storytelling and whimsical scenes.

Unfortunately, the ride was slightly less magical for guests enjoying the attraction during a recent special event at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort.

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evil queen, snow white and the seven dwarfs

Credit: Disney

Flooding Foils Guest’s Ride Experience

Snow White’s Enchanted Wish truly captures the essence of the original story, captivating audiences with its colorful and detailed depictions of the fairy tale world. From the shimmering lighting effects to the intricate set designs, every aspect of the attraction is carefully crafted to create a magical and immersive experience for guests.

As visitors journey through the attraction, they are treated to scenes that mirror key moments from Snow White’s journey, culminating in a heartwarming finale that celebrates the power of love and friendship. Snow White’s Enchanted Wish stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of this classic fairy tale, providing guests with an opportunity to step into the magical world of Snow White and experience the enchantment for themselves.

This ride, which used to be known as Snow White’s Scary Adventure, is a classic attraction that has been at the resort for decades. With its age, the ride has suffered several mechanical issues. Thankfully, most of these issues have been addressed and fixed thanks to Disney’s team of incredible imagineers. However, even with their diligence, accidents happen, and things on this attraction are bound to break. 

dopey, snow white's enchanted wish

Credit: Steven Beyer, Unsplash

Footage Shows a Burst Pipe

Many fans were shocked to see a post on a Disneyland Reddit page that showed a significant bursting of a pipe on the ride queue outside the Snow White attraction at Disneyland Park. The photo was taken by a guest who was visiting for a Star Wars nite at the park.

Pipe leak at Snow White during Star Wars nite
byu/Apprehensive_Swan500 inDisneyland

The poster says:

“Pipe leak at Snow White during Star Wars nite

Running towards the next photo op when all of a sudden a big thing of water starts flooding the outside queue of the ride.”

As of now, no update has been given on what this problem was specifically. Since no further complains have been given, it is likely that Cast Members were able to address and fix this problem without any major struggles.

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