“Illegal Disney” Videos Leak, Go Viral

once upon a wish walt disney world wish party world princess week disney princess wish families magic super special experience

Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Ariel, and Minnie Mouse are all characters guests may spot while at Disney World or Disneyland Resort. Walt Disney World Resort is located in Orlando, Florida, and is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” Guests head to Disney World to see the wonder and feel the magic of Disney. Walt Disney World is ...

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Details Revealed for Disney’s Live-Action ‘Cruella’ Sequel by Emma Stone

emma stone cruella sequel

Emma Stone is a renowned American actress who has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry. Born as Emily Jean Stone on November 6, 1988, in Scottsdale, Arizona, she rose to prominence for her exceptional talent and captivating on-screen presence. Emma Stone has showcased her versatility by portraying a wide range of characters in various film genres. From comedies ...

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Universal Orlando Throws Shade After Theme Park Goes Dark

universal and disney

Universal Orlando and Disney World are two of the most renowned theme parks globally, captivating millions of guests each year with their enchanting attractions and immersive experiences. However, an unexpected event recently cast a shadow over the magic of these parks when a widespread outage knocked out cell phone services, plunging both Universal Orlando and Disney World into darkness for ...

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Emma Stone Talks Difficult Decisions Surrounding ‘Cruella 2’

emma stone cruella live-action sequel

Emma Stone, the new face of Cruella de Vil, isn’t as excited as we initially thought about her upcoming live-action Cruella sequel for one specific reason. Although Emma Stone wasn’t the first live-action version of the fashionable Disney villain, Glenn Close played a role in 101 Dalmations (1996), she was the first to be without a particular trademark that was ...

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The Correct Way to Rope Drop Magic Kingdom

The Correct Way to Rope Drop Magic Kingdom

Getting up early to rope drop at Disney Parks like Magic Kingdom has become a timed honored tradition for many Walt Disney World faithful. Instead of sleeping in, some guests at Disney World choose to rise as the rooster crows in hopes of beating the crowds to popular rides like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom or Avatar Flight ...

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Disney Dominates “Most Hated Movie Characters” Leaderboard for 2023

once upon a studio

Who would have thought that Disney would have some of the “most hated movie characters” for 2023… For over a century, The Walt Disney Company has held the reins in crafting a diverse array of enchanting and enduring Disney movie characters that have captivated audiences worldwide. From timeless classics to modern blockbusters, Disney’s character roster stands as a testament to ...

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Former Disney Cast Member Warns About Popular “Scam”

mickey mouse makes an announcement

A former Disney cast member is warning Disney Park guests about a popular “scam.” Walt Disney World Resort is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth” and is home to four immersive theme parks in Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Related: Secret Disney Codes Cast Members Use Every Day Each theme park includes different ...

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Bus Containing Middle School Class Engulfed in Flames After Trip to SeaWorld

SeaWorld fire

You may have heard reports of a SeaWorld fire, but the real story is much worse… WARNING: The following article mentions and/or discusses topics that may be distressing for certain audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. SeaWorld stands as a premier destination, offering valuable educational opportunities for students of all ages. The park provides an immersive learning experience where students can ...

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Is Chilli Pregnant? ‘Bluey’ Fans Hope Episode Points to a New Addition Coming to the Heeler Family

bluey bingo chilli bandit and baby chilli pregnant in bluey

The writers, animators, and production team behind the hit children’s program Bluey are reportedly enjoying a break between the third and fourth seasons of the show, and thanks to a newly released episode from Season 3, it’s quite possible that one of the episodes in Season 4 will introduce fans to Bluey’s new baby brother. Related: Experts Think They Finally ...

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