Disney Announces New “Bucket List” Trips For Summer 2025

disney cruise line greece andmickey mouse

It’s never too early to start planning your first (or next) Disney Parks or Disney Cruise Line vacation, and Disney has just unveiled brand-new “bucket list” trips to book and enjoy next summer, inviting guests to come and “sea the world.” Beginning next summer, Disney Cruise Line will begin to sail to bucket list destinations that will yield unforgettable vacation ...

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Disneyland Competitor Sells Every Last Asset to Investment Firm For an Undisclosed Sum

pacific park santa monica pier

On Thursday, a Disneyland competitor announced its plans to sell to an investment firm that will infuse millions into the park’s food offerings, entertainment, attractions, and general operations. Santa Monica Amusements LLC, the company that operates Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier in California has announced the sale of Pacific Park to an investment firm, SC Holdings. The firm plans ...

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The Truth About Disney’s Failed ‘Bluey’ Attraction

Bluey wdw

Bluey, the beloved animated series that has captured the hearts of children and families worldwide, has won over the hearts of families worldwide. Bluey is an Australian animated television series for children that first premiered on ABC Kids in Australia in 2018. Created by Joe Brumm, the show follows the adventures of a six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey, her ...

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Instead of Risking Life and Limb, Swim Safe at Walt Disney World

swim safe at walt disney world

Another day, another guest was swimming amongst the alligators at Walt Disney World. In a recent article, we’ve covered the breaking story of a topless woman jumping into a river at Disney World for a little swim. This incident has become an all too familiar story around the Walt Disney World property, as guests, for whatever reason, are choosing to ...

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Individual With Measles Unknowingly Exposes Public at Disney Performance

Disney on Ice

Disney, known for its commitment to guest safety and well-being, diligently safeguards its theme parks against infectious diseases such as measles. The stringent measures in place at Disney parks aim to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses and ensure a healthy environment for visitors. By actively focusing on disease control and prevention, Disney underscores its dedication to public health and ...

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Disney Prepares for Grand Reopening of Entire Theme Park

Typhoon Lagoon

It’s back! This weekend is shaping up to be quite a momentous one for Walt Disney World Resort. With spring break well underway at the park, Disney is implementing some major changes that fans will want to be informed about. The largest changes would be the closure of one entire theme park and, of course, the subsequent reopening of another! ...

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Disney’s Least Popular Theme Park Holds Final Day of Service Before Shutting Doors Indefinitely

magic kingdom area

Walt Disney World Resort is home to six dazzling theme parks that attract millions of visitors annually. Each park is unique and caters to a specific type of crowd, making each vacation customizable for Disney’s customers. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing, adult-friendly trip or a wild and rip-roaring theme park adventure, Disney has you covered. However, Disney is soon ...

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