The Results Are In: Disney Is Changing Its Classic Attractions, and Fans Are NOT Happy

content creator disney confused man on the right, confused woman on the left, disneyland paris sleeping beauty castle in the background

Whether you prefer Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, if you’re a fan of Disney theme parks, you undoubtedly have a favorite ride. RELATED: Disney World Makes Changes to Attraction, Just Weeks Before Opening If you sat for a few minutes and took a moment to imagine the experience, would you be able to visualize your favorite Disney experience from ...

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‘Frozen’ Actress Publicly Agrees With “PR Nightmare” Rachel Zegler

anna from the Frozen series (left) smiling at Snow White

The Walt Disney Company has recently proven its dedication to reproducing and releasing live-action remakes of some of its most classic stories…despite the fanbase’s constant begging for it to stop. It’s no secret that Disney fans are tired of the live-action adaptations, and it’s also no secret that nobody is asking for these remakes…And yet, the Walt Disney Company confidently ...

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Enter a Galaxy Far Far Away with These New ‘Star Wars’ Shirt and Hoodie Must-Haves

Enter a Galaxy Far Far Away with These New 'Star Wars' Shirt and Hoodie Must-Haves

Every Star Wars fan needs a stand-out Star Wars shirt, right? Since 1997, we’ve been traveling a vast galaxy, learning of force-wielding Jedi, diabolical Sith, various species of aliens, and intergalactic politics. It’s been a fantastic ride that has turned one simple Star Wars film into a vast catalog of shows and movies fans hold dear to their hearts. Star Wars, ...

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Popular Disney Restaurants to Get Menu Update

Magic Kingdom and Mickey Mouse

A big part of a Walt Disney World vacation includes having great meals. Walt Disney World has numerous outstanding restaurants for guests to enjoy. Starting October 11, new delicious dishes will be heading to Disney Resort hotels. We are always excited for new words to try which look fantastic. Some of our favorite places to dine at Disney are found at the Disney ...

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Three BEST Quick Service Restaurants at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Family eating at Woody's lunch box

Walt Disney World is full of delicious and delightful dining opportunities. From the Parks to Resorts to Disney Springs, you will find signature fine dining, Mickey-shaped snacks, and unique, flavorful meals. If you are traveling to Walt Disney World for the first time, there’s some insider lingo you need to know. Disney categorizes its dining experiences by table service and ...

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2023 Narrators Announced for EPCOT’s Candlelight Processional and There’s a Surprise

Neil Patrick Harris Candlelight Processional

Just hear those sleigh bells jiggling; we know it’s only October, but Disney World is well on its way to gearing up for its 2023 Christmas celebrations, including the fan-favorite Candlelight Processional at EPCOT. Christmas at Disney World If you think Halloween is a big deal at Disney World, just wait until you experience the holidays at the Florida-based resort. ...

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Disney Could Throw a Curveball With New ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ Lead

pirates of the caribbean 6

The future of Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is entirely up in the air, but the recent success of one of Disney’s newest stars could help the billion-dollar franchise cast off once more. There’s much to do regarding Johnny Depp reprising his keystone role of Captain Jack Sparrow for one of Disney’s most profitable film franchises. In 2003, Pirates of the Caribbean: The ...

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Despite His Arrest, Jonathan Majors’ MCU Career Remains Intact

Marvel Loki Jonathan Majors

Earlier this year, the entertainment industry was left in dismay as news broke of actor Jonathan Majors’ arrest in New York City. Known as a talented actor and a star within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Majors’ arrest sent shockwaves through Hollywood. Since the incident took place, Marvel fans have been waiting to see if the company would decide to discard ...

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Disney Guests Trapped on Attraction, Now Never Going Back

disney's hollywood studios disney world tower of terror hot sun

Walt Disney World Resort is one of the most famous and beloved theme parks areas in the world, drawing millions of visitors from all corners of the globe every year. However, delays, updates, and closures happen at the parks from time to time. Walt Disney World is home to four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s ...

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Bugs Found in Disney Ice Cream!

Bugs in Disney Ice Cream Salt and Straw

There are a lot of delicious toppings you may want to mix into ice cream, but today, we have one that might surprise you. People love all different toppings, chocolate, caramel, fruit, and candy, but what about bugs?! Yep, that’s right. If you’re visiting Disney Springs this season, beware because you might just find creepy crawlers in your ice cream! ...

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