NEW DISCOUNTS Available for Disney World Stays

Disney discount

Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary is slowly winding down to a close and will end in March 2023. If you want to get in on the fun there’s still time to visit and now Disney has made it easier than ever! Discounts for ticket and hotel packages this winter and spring have just been released and this is a great ...

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Disney Confirms Resort Guest Perk to Continue Throughout 2023

cinderella castle as the beacon of magic

As we enjoy the fall decor throughout Walt Disney World Resort and signs of the holiday season arriving soon, we’re shifting gears to focus on 2023 and what’s to come in the new year. Thankfully, Disney has confirmed a Disney Resort Guest perk will continue throughout the new year. 2023 will be an exciting year for Disney fans! Walt Disney ...

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Labor Shortage Responsible for Entertainment and Character Cuts at Disney World

The staffing crisis that has gripped the nation has hit Disney World especially hard as the theme park struggles to find Cast Members to fill open roles. The once prestigious entertainment department has been among the most impacted by the labor shortage, particularly in the character performer roles. Disney can no longer fill enough positions to keep the full complement ...

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Guests On Tower of Terror Got a Rare Look at the Ride (and More than they Bargained For)

Tower of Terror

The Twilight Zone became all too real for some guests as they experienced real-life terror on Hollywood Studios’ Tower of Terror recently. TikToker James Vaughn AKA @fattestedtravel documented his experience and even shared a rare glimpse into the ride few ever see! James originally began recording to give the ride what he called a “fat test,” only to get much ...

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New Haunted Mansion Tiki Mug Set to Materialize Just Before Halloween!

Haunted Mansion Tiki Mug

When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls. Whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still — that is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight! We are just a few days away from the spookiest day of the year, and the grim, grinning ghosts are getting ready to ...

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Magic Kingdom Announces Special Flyover to Honor Veterans

Thunderbirds EPCOT

Walt Disney always felt that it was important to support the country and honor those in the military and their families. During World War II, Disney even allowed troops to move into the studio lot in Burbank, California because it was close to the Lockheed Aircraft Plant that the troops were assigned to protect. Mr. Disney even worked to make ...

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‘Avatar’ Director Calls Out Marvel For Characters Who Don’t “Have Relationships”


On December 16, more than 10 years after the first movie came out, Avatar: The Way of Water will hit theaters. The highly-anticipated sequel will see the return of Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, Zoe Saldaña as Ney’tiri, Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch, and Sigourney Weaver as Kiri (a new role for her character). Like the original, Avatar: The Way of Water ...

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New Details Emerge on Disney World Truck Theft

Disney World truck theft

We recently reported on a family whose truck was stolen from a hotel parking lot during their Disney World vacation. Today new information has come to light and we wish it were good news. Recent reports state things have gone from bad to worse for the McClendon family since the October 17th theft. In our earlier report we said that ...

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