Murder Charges Finally Filed Against Prime Suspect in Death of 13-Year-Old Girl Discovered Near Disney World

press conference in florida

First-degree murder charges have been filed in Florida against the prime suspect in the death of a 13-year-old girl who went missing and was found dead just a half-hour from the Walt Disney World Resort in March. A Grand Jury Indictment Early on Wednesday, per court records, a grand jury indicted 37-year-old Stephan Sterns in connection with the murder of ...

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Innocent Woman Fatally Stabbed Outside Universal Studios

Woman stabbed outside Universal Studios Hollywood

Right in the heart of Hollywood, guests can get an up close and personal look at a real working film lot when they visit Universal Studios Hollywood. And the Universal Studio Tour is just one of the amazing parts of Universal Hollywood. Guests can also zip around Hogwarts on an enchanted bench, become a minion, travel through the world of ...

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Amid Snow White Firing, Cast Members Speak Out

cast members disneyland snow white firing

The recent Snow White firing has once again highlighted the issues with the treatment of cast members at the parks, with articles demonstrating in no uncertain terms the difficulties these Disney employees face. For years now, fans and guests alike have been speaking out about how the Walt Disney Company treats its employees. (Spoiler alert: not well.) In addition to ...

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The BEST Quiet Places to Escape Crowds at Disney World

Best quiet places to escape holiday crowds in disney world

If you know anything about Walt Disney World, you know that Disney Parks can attract huge crowds. However, nothing can compare to the crowds at the Walt Disney World Resort during the holidays. With hundreds of thousands of guests traveling to experience Disney World, crowds can sometimes become overwhelming. Today, I’ve compiled a list of the best quiet places to ...

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When It Comes to Disney’s Animated Films, “Inclusion” Doesn’t Mean “Everyone”

church in pixar's incredibles

For years, The Walt Disney Company has touted its initiatives toward inclusion across Disney’s many theme park resorts, for its employees, and in its films, series, and stories. But when it comes to Disney’s film and television entertainment, it’s glaringly apparent that inclusion usually applies only to some. Related: Disney Loses Nearly 95% of Its Animation Material Inclusion and Diversity ...

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Disney Reintroduces ‘Galactic Starcruiser’ Offering Months After Hotel’s Closure

galactic starcruiser

I bet you didn’t see this coming! Last year, fans mourned when the highly beloved Galactic Starcruiser, an immersive Star Wars-themed hotel experience, concluded its operations on September 30, 2023. This closure marked the end of an extraordinary journey for fans and guests alike.┬áSince its grand opening on March 1, 2022, Galactic Starcruiser has been a beacon for Star Wars ...

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