Dick Van Dyke Defies Retirement at 98 Years Old

Dick Van Dyke

If you’re a hardcore Disney fan or have simply been around a TV set in the last century, chances are you’ve had some experience with the legendary Dick Van Dyke. With a career spanning over 70 years, the beloved actor of screen and stage is still one of the most active members of Hollywood’s golden age, and he’s not finished ...

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Government Assumes Control of Over 1,700 Disney Cast Members

Disneyland Resort Guest

Weeks after Disneyland Resort character performers announced a push to unionize, the federal government officially certified the results of their vote. On Wednesday, May 29, federal labor officials told ABC7 that they’d certified the results of a three-day union election among more than 1,700 Disneyland Resort character performers. Actors’ Equity Association will represent the Disney entertainment cast members, joining their Walt Disney ...

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Pixar Pulls Out from Disney+: No More Movie Releases Planned

Disney Bob Iger

Pixar Animation Studios has had enough of Disney+ ruining its box office grosses and critical acclaim and will not be releasing any more feature films on the Mouse’s streaming platform. Disney+ Direct-to-Streaming The advent of streaming media has thrown the entertainment industry into chaos on a scale arguably not seen since the introduction of sound films or home media like ...

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Mechanical Notice Filed: Big Thunder Mountain Faces Maintenance Issue

Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, one of Magic Kingdom’s most iconic attractions, has been delighting guests with its wild, runaway mine train adventure since it first opened its tracks in 1980. Located in the heart of Frontierland, this roller coaster has captivated the imagination of countless visitors with its intricate theming, exhilarating twists and turns, and a rich backstory that adds ...

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Disney World Sparks Outrage: Certain Guests Given Preferential Treatment, Others Refused Service

Guest Disney World Dining

Get ready to save. Walt Disney World Resort just announced a brand-new dining discount for thousands of guests. As part of VIPassholder Days, Walt Disney World Resort is increasing the Annual Passholder dining discount across the Disney parks and select Disney Resort hotels. These increased discounts apply only to food and non-alcoholic beverages, but some Character Dining locations are included! ...

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Disney Drops ‘Offensive’ Country Bears Songs, Replaces With ‘Zootopia’ Music

Country Bears

The Country Bears are changing in a big way. Related: Disney World Announces Preferential Treatment for Certain Guests, Refuses To Serve Others While Walt Disney World may be home to a large collection of iconic rides and thrilling attractions, few experiences are as revered or as beloved as the Country Bear Jamboree. This hilarious and often awkward show delighted guests ...

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Disney World Guests Flee Amid Panic as Multiple Gunshots Heard: ‘It Just Sounded Like Fireworks

Walt Disney Police

A family vacationing at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando was forced to flee and take cover after gunshots were heard and the streets around their rental home were flooded with “hundreds of kids,” according to the mother. Disney World Emergencies Although the Walt Disney World Resort is the planet’s most popular and frequently visited theme park, it is ...

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