Guests Violate Disney World’s New Princess Tiana Expansion Before Opening Day

Tiana's Bayou Adventure Attraction Poster

Walt Disney World’s newest ride has already been damaged before its opening day in Magic Kingdom. Related: Disneyland Raises Prices Effective Immediately for All Star Wars Fans Walt Disney World is gearing up for the official release of Tiana’s Bayyiou Adventure at Magic Kingdom, with anticipation for the new ride at an all-time high. Guests have waited for years for the ...

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‘Bluey’ Drops New Episode, But Not on Disney+

bluey and family

Disney+ has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make Bluey more accessible to viewers around the world. However, one notorious episode has skirted past the American censors without the aid of the mouse. To say that Bluey has become a cultural phenomenon would be a grand and glorious understatement, and Disney’s partnership with Ludo has been essential in bringing ...

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Disney Star Declared a “National Treasure”

Animated characters from the movie "Coco," walk on a vibrant marigold bridge with a guitar and a dog; a colorful, illuminated town serves as the backdrop.

Recently, the very first winner of the Fox reality show American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, covered one of the most heart-wrenching Pixar songs to have ever existed, and she wowed fans. Undoubtedly, the impact of Disney and Pixar’s animated masterpiece Coco resonated deeply with fans worldwide, transcending age groups and capturing the hearts of both young and old alike. Released in 2017, ...

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Disney Fireworks Axed, Two Parks Ditch All Shows for the Summer

Fireworks burst in colorful displays above a brightly lit castle at night, creating a vibrant and magical atmosphere.

It’s official: all fireworks have been axed from two Disney theme parks for the entire summer. For decades, every decent Disney day has ended with a nighttime spectacular. What started with the classic fireworks display Fantasy in the Sky at Disneyland Resort has evolved into shows that blend pyrotechnics, projections, and even drones at Disney parks across the globe. Related: ...

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Disney’s Big Bet Flops, Blocks Fans Expressing Their Disappointment

Mufasa staring angrily at Scar in 'The Lion King'

If audience reception is any indicator, Disney’s next big project—Mufasa: The Lion King—might just fall flat on its face.  One of the primary sentiments that characterized the response to practically every Disney movie that was released in 2023 was disappointment. It sounds harsh, but it’s true.  Unfortunately, at the moment, Disney finds itself caught between an incredibly polarized audience. Some ...

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Where to Find The Best Cheap Disney Snacks for Under $10

best cheap disney snacks under $10

Let’s face it: Walt Disney World is expensive. Between the price of travel, Disney resort hotels, and Disney park tickets, it can feel overwhelming to plan a family vacation. However, there are actually a lot of great cheap Disney snacks available throughout the Walt Disney World parks and resorts that can save you money on your next trip! Related: Ranking the ...

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The BEST Snack at Disney World (And It’s Not the DOLE Whip)

Best snack at Disney World Kernel Kitchen

One of the best parts about visiting Walt Disney World Resort is all the amazing food options that you have at your fingertips. From amazing sit-down restaurants that serve everything from mouthwatering French dishes to must-have pizza, to the quick service spots where you can grab pulled pork mac and cheese or cheeseburger bao buns. There are over 400 dining ...

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Winnie the Pooh Attraction Closes Indefinitely; Comes as Part of Larger Theme Park Suspension

Winnie the pooh floats with a pink balloon above his friends Eeyore, Tigger, and Piglet on a boat shaped like a giant snail in Critter Country at Disneyland. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

In Critter Country at Disneyland, one of the most beloved attractions is The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. This classic dark ride takes guests on a whimsical journey through the Hundred Acre Wood, where they encounter familiar characters like Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh seamlessly blends storytelling with innovative ride ...

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