Packing for Disney: Three Items That Can Change Your Trip

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When preparing to pack for a Walt Disney World vacation, you might feel like you are bringing one of everything. To help with the packing process, and to narrow down your Disney packing list, we have the essential items you want to make sure you pack.

Even though it might seem like you need to pack one of everything, especially when taking kids, this isn’t the case. Some things can be left at home, and other essential items you won’t want to forget when you head to a Disney park.

Ensure you have these items ready as you head to the airport for a fantastic trip to Walt Disney World.

Guests Are Cancelling Trips to Disney World Due to Unpredictable Florida Weather

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Items for Weather

No matter when you plan to travel to Walt Disney World, the weather will change. Be prepared for this by packing items to help you manage the elements.

We always make sure we have rain gear. Determine what will work best for your family. Do you prefer to have umbrellas or rain jackets? Having these items with you in the parks can make it a lot easier to manage those pop-up rain storms that happen often.

The heat and humidity are also hard to manage during the summer months at Walt Disney World. Consider bringing a portable fan with you to keep the air moving. This can make a huge difference when waiting in lines that don’t have much air movement.

Another great way to keep yourself cool is by using cooling towels. These towels allow you to keep your body temperature down in the parks. Keep them wet and let the cooling elements activate to keep you cool.

Ensuring you are prepared for the weather is critical to having a good time in the parks. You won’t be happy if you are wet, hot, or cold during your visit.

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Portable Chargers

One of the most important items you will want to make sure you have with you at Walt Disney World is a portable charger.

My Disney Experience, the official Disney World app, is critical to a successful trip to Walt Disney World. It is through the app that guests can find wait times, order food, get directions, and so much more.

If you have a dead phone, you not only will lose access to all of those crucial features found on the app, but you won’t be able to capture those magical moments.

There are a variety of different chargers that you can choose from based on your needs. If you are a rope drop to the fireworks family, you might want to invest in a bigger, more powerful charger.

On the other hand, if you plan to head back to your Disney Resort in the middle of the day, you might only need a smaller charger to get you through an emergency.

Portable chargers could easily be your most essential item for Walt Disney World.

Our Secret Weapon for Disney World Is This Must Have Shoe

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Comfortable Shoes

Having comfortable shoes for your Walt Disney World trip is critical to happy feet and people throughout your trip. Guests walk a LOT during their Walt Disney World vacation, and because of that, comfortable shoes are key to a magical experience in the parks.

Make sure you break your shoes in before heading to Walt Disney World. You don’t want a new pair of shoes in the Parks as this can lead to blisters and other issues.

We also recommend having a few pairs of comfortable shoes. No matter how much you love your shoes, they might cause issues after so many long days of walking. Having a second pair allows your feet to change, which is highly helpful. Having a second pair when you get stuck in the rain is also lovely.

Making sure you have these three items packed for your Walt Disney World vacation can make a massive difference in your overall Disney vacation experience. As you prepare to pack and think about what to pack, ensure these three items are on your must-bring list.

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