Op-Ed: Disney World Cupcakes are Nothing to Write Home About

Op-Ed: Disney World Cupcakes are Nothing to Write Home About
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Disney World, unlike many other theme park organizations, sets itself apart from the competition in a few unique ways. One way in which Disney stands out amongst the crowd is with incredible food. Whether it’s snacks, quick service, or table service, you’ll find amazing treats and delicious food all over Walt Disney World Resort. However, some of these uber-popular options are more of a novelty than a must-have, and one, the Disney World cupcake, may be the most guilty culprit in tricking us all!

Harambe Market Simba cupcake

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When it comes to Disney World cupcakes, they are undeniably popular amongst visitors. In all their referenced shapes and sizes, you can find guests in all four of Disney World’s parks devouring these sugary goodies. However, some, myself included, may find that the overall quality does not always live up to the hype.

It doesn’t matter if you’re spending a day at Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Magic Kingdom; you’ll find cupcakes at Walt Disney World. Topped with grey stuff and sprinkles or baked with a delectable red velvet, these mini-cakes come frosted and in many varieties.

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Despite their visual appeal and creative designs, there is a mixed consensus among Disney enthusiasts regarding these iconic treats’ taste and flavor profiles. Disney World cupcakes may fall short in terms of flavor complexity and richness compared to artisanal or gourmet cupcakes found elsewhere.

While they make for great photo opportunities and a fun indulgence while exploring the parks, discerning palates may find them lacking in depth and quality when it comes to taste.

Cupcakes have too much frosting
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Of course, you can’t talk about Disney World cupcakes without talking about frosting, and Disney doesn’t skimp on the whipped, sugary goodness.

It doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying a red velvet cupcake, a sprinkles cupcake, or a Disney cupcake with an edible character design; it’s going to be covered in frosting, and often, that’s part of the problem.

Cotton Top Tamarin Cupcake- disney world

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Typically, there’s so much frosting that it’s almost impossible to savor flavors from the often dry cake that makes up the base of the treat. It often doesn’t matter if the actual cupcake is flavored in chocolate, peanut butter, or even with Butterfinger, what you’re likely going to taste is buttercream frosting.

Disney World cupcakes, although trendy, such as the Grey Stuff Cupcake, are also extremely messy. If you haven’t tried savoring one in the Florida sun, you’re making proper life choices and the rest of us are gluttons for punishment.

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Simply put, there are much better, not to mention more diverse, Disney Park snacks out there to be had at Walt Disney World.

Really, the only upside to a sugary crash is the Instagrammable designs that Disney has mastered when it comes to their cupcakes. Outside of that, Walt Disney World dining offers several other sweet treats, many of which you’ll find right next to those overloaded little devils in spots like Main Street Bakery or Boardwalk Bakery.

fourth of july red white blue cupcake star fruit panna cotta

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Although only a snack credit with the Disney Dining Plan, cupcakes, despite their adorable exterior, much like candied apples (I said what I said), are a headache to deal with when roaming around the parks. Often served on a plate with a fork, they’re extremely messy and numbingly sweet, and all that cream doesn’t sit well when Florida decides it’s time to be Florida.

Strawberry cupcake, mermaid cupcake, masters cupcake, vanilla cupcake; honestly, it doesn’t matter as cupcakes at Walt Disney World are mid, at best. Instead, try a churro, it’s the perfect balance of sweet and savory!

What are your thoughts? Are Disney World cupcakes overrated? Is there a better Disney snack out there? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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