One of Disney’s Most Divisive Attractions Faces Unfortunate Malfunction

mission SPACE
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World Resort is no stranger to divisive attractions. With four different theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT), there are bound to be infamous attractions.

However, EPCOT may be the Disney Park with the most infamous attraction. We’re talking, of course, about Mission: SPACE.

mission space

Credit: Disney

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Mission: SPACE is a unique thrill ride simulating a mission to Mars using centrifuge technology to simulate the G-forces required for launches to space.

Nowadays, there are two missions: the Orange Mission, which utilizes centrifuge technology, and the Green Mission, which does not use any centrifuge.

However, that hasn’t stopped the attraction from garnering a reputation for making Guests sick to their stomachs.


Credit: Disney

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Despite this reputation, Mission: SPACE is still a beloved addition to EPCOT, and its place in World Discovery is well-earned. Not only does this ride simulate two very exciting missions, but it also brings Guests into the action.

This thrill ride was ahead of its time due to how immersive it is, as each Guest takes on a different role while riding. Depending on the role, Guests have different buttons to press, as well as a steering rod to control.

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It’s easy to see why this attraction is a fan favorite, albeit a divisive one.

That being said, some Guests recently rode the space attraction only to find a bizarre malfunction:

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In this video, we can see that the pilot’s steering rod is moving on its own, somewhat erratically. It goes without saying that this is a super strange malfunction. As for whether this ride vehicle has since been fixed or not, we cannot say.

But we can say that whether you choose the Orange Mission or the Green Mission, we’ll see you among the stars!

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