One Guest Called Space 220 An “Expensive Elevator Ride”, Do You Think It’s Worth It?

Space 220
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Eating at any restaurant is an incredibly subjective experience, and Disney knows that. Disney knows that different people have different tastes, and that is why they offer Guests visiting Walt Disney World nearly 400 dining options. One of the newest options is Space 220 in EPCOT which takes Guests 220 miles into space to dine on out-of-this-world meals. The sit-down restaurant and accompanying lounge opened on September 20, just a couple of weeks before Disney World kicked off its 50th Anniversary celebration.

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Now, when Guests plan their trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth, they know that dining can take up a large portion of your budget — especially if you want to dine at sit-down restaurants. Sit down restaurants can get very expensive very fast, and Space 220 is no exception. The restaurant has a price fixed menu for both lunch and dinner — with lunch costing $55 per adult and $29 per child and dinner costing $79 per adult and $29 per child. That does not include alcoholic drinks and signature sides that you can add on to your meal. For a family of four, that can be one costly dinner.

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The question many Guests ask themselves is, “Is the quality and experience worth the price?”

One Guest recently took to Reddit to say that his family’s experience at Space 220 was nothing more than “an expensive elevator ride”. Redditor No_Understanding8692 shared his dining experience at the new location and said:

It’s been a little over a month since we went to Epcot and ate at Space 220. I was super excited that we were able to get last minute reservations for dinner as my kids love space. Sadly it was an extreme disappointment and all I have been able to think about since we left is that it’s just a grossly overpriced elevator ride.

I’m sure this had something to do with our seating location. We were put in the table all the way in the corner right next to the screen on the lower tier. As soon as I sat down I realized all I would be looking at is the mop and entryway to the kitchen the whole meal. Despite there being plenty of tables elsewhere we were told they could not move us.

Food was meh – definitely not worth the $270 we ended up spending for two adults and two kids. I was regretting the meal before we even finished the appetizers. And sadly, even though we had a great three day trip in WDW, the Space 220 experience comes popping up in my head.

Recommendation: sit at the bar and enjoy the experience but don’t waste your money on the fixed menu…

Edit: So apparently it’s not an elevator, just an elaborate entry. I’m embarrassed and impressed but still very disappointed. Well played Disney, well played.

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Some readers jumped in to comment that they agreed with the Redditor’s post — with some saying that the restaurant seemed like a more expensive and space-themed version of the Coral Reef Restaurant, also located in EPCOT.

While many agreed that they thought the restaurant was overpriced, others jumped in with a solution to those worried about the high cost of dining at Space 220 — eat at the attached lounge. The Space 220 Lounge provides the same atmosphere as the restaurant, but with the potential for a much lower bill. The lounge offers several delicious small bites like Astro Deviled Eggs, Chicken on Waffles, and Short Rib Sliders, and they are all available à la carte. The extensive drink menu also provides great variety for all members of your party. A great afternoon or night can be had by getting a seat at the lounge, having a couple of drinks while sharing appetizers — and the savings potential can be great.

Space 220 Blue Moon Cauliflower

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It is important to note that, at this time, Space 220 Lounge is also taking reservations. Bar seating is open on a first-come-first-serve basis, but only for those who are over 21. Any parties with a Guest under 21 will need to make a reservation to eat at either the restaurant or the lounge.

Do you prefer the Space 220 restaurant or lounge? 

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