Tourists BEWARE! Official Hurricane Watch Issued for the Coast of Florida

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A massive storm is coming towards the state of Florida, and residents and visitors should be aware.

Hurricanes can be devastating natural disasters, and no place is completely immune from their potential impact, not even the magical world of Walt Disney World. As one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations, Walt Disney World has faced its fair share of hurricanes over the years. From Hurricane Ian to Hurricane Dorian, the iconic theme park has had to navigate the stormy seas of hurricane season in Central Florida.

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Credit: National Hurricane Center

A History of Hurricane Havoc

Walt Disney World Resort is a sprawling and incredible property located in Orlando, Florida. The world-renowned resort is a sprawling complex that is home to four major theme parks – Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom – along with two water parks, several golf courses, and numerous hotels and resorts.

Walt Disney World’s prime location in Central Florida does make it a vulnerable area for hurricanes. Over the 50 years that the Resort has been open, several hurricanes have caused damage to the property. Disney takes extreme weather very seriously and takes many precautionary measures to protect its guests and property.

Just over a week ago, Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, was hit by its own hurricane. The system flooded large areas of the Parks, but overall, the damage was minimal.

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Credit: National Hurricane Center

Walt Disney World Resort Prepares for Potential Threat

Now, a new threatening storm is heading towards the state. Right now, Storm Idalia is predicted to become a hurricane over the eastern area of the Gulf of Mexico. The storm has been closely watched for a while, and Floridians have been closely monitoring to see if it could hit the state.

Now, the National Hurricane Center has issued a Hurricane watch for numerous portions of the Florida Gulf Coast.

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Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort during this time frame should be very aware of rain and wind affecting their vacations. Potential delays may also be expected at MCO. Hopefully, everything goes over smoothly and the area is left without serious damage.

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