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Sanderson Sisters Talk ‘Hocus Pocus 3’

Hocus Pocus

It’s been 30 years since Winifred, Mary, and Sarah Sanderson tried to suck the lives out of the children of Salem and their efforts were thwarted by Max and Dani Dennison and their friend Allison. While Hocus Pocus didn’t do well when it was released in theaters — in fact, it was pretty much a flop — it has since gained a ...

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Man Spotted Near Top Of Cinderella Castle. Was It a Guest?

Man Cinderella Castle

When you visit Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park, there are so many things to see and do. Guests who love 3D shows may head to Fantasyland to enjoy Mickey’s PhilharMagic. Guests who want to experience something a little more thrilling may ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Adventureland, or Space Mountain in Tomorrowland. At the end of the ...

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The New ‘Willow’ Trailer Is Finally Here!


More than 30 years ago, fans were introduced to the magical kingdom of Nockmaar, where the evil sorceress Queen Bavmorda has imprisoned all the pregnant women in order to prevent a special baby from ending her reign. However, one baby has escaped her notice, and the aspiring sorcerer and Nelwyn dwarf, Willow Ufgood, must team up with a rogue swordsman ...

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Tim Allen Asks Critical ‘Santa Clause’ Question

The Santa Clause

It’s been over 15 years since we last saw Santa Claus and his family at the North Pole in the popular Disney Christmas franchise, The Santa Clause. If you’ve forgotten what the story is about, no worries, we’ve got you. The Santa Clause — which premiered in 1994 — told the story of Scott Calvin, a self-centered toy executive who ...

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Is a Hulu Battle Brewing?


As many people know, back in 2019, Disney purchased 20th Century Fox. The acquisition gave Disney ownership over major film franchises like Ice Age, as well as iconic television series like The Simpsons. What some may not know is that the Fox purchase also gave Disney 60% ownership in the streaming service Hulu. Since 2019, Hulu has only grown in popularity, ...

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Disney World Hours Extended Next Month

If you’re planning a Walt Disney World Vacation in October, you will be excited to discover that you’ll be able to squeeze more precious park time into each day. This is because Disney World has increased its hours for October. This is a frightfully fabulous treat for the spookiest time of year, but not an unexpected one. Disney usually sets ...

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Has Disney Priced out the Middle Class? We Did the Math

Disney cost

Disney is expensive. That’s a given. No one who claims to be a fan of Disney Parks is under any illusion that it is cheap. However, many are still shocked to see just how expensive the parks have gotten. If you visit infrequently or took a break during the COVID-19  Pandemic, the sticker shock may be a bit much.  I’ve ...

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