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Disney’s Purging Itself of “Useless” Employees. Here’s Who’s Getting Axed First.

sorcerer mickey with axe disney's fantasia

The Walt Disney Company is ridding its hallways, corridors, theme parks, and studios of useless, unnecessary, and unwanted employees in a wave of massive Disney layoffs, and details are just coming to light. RELATED: Here’s Hoping These “Useless” Disney Cast Members Are the First To Go On Tuesday, an exclusive report shed some of that light on Disney’s plans concerning ...

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Disney Fans Petition For Princess Performers Without Makeup

Disney fans are rallying around an open letter addressing concerns with the Character Performers at the Walt Disney World Resort, which petitions for the Entertainment department to stop using makeup… At least on one Disney Princess. When visiting Disney Parks, the prospect of getting to meet your favorite character up close and personal can turn an ordinary day into an ...

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‘Little Mermaid’ Haters Try to Sink Disney’s Latest Live Action Ahead of Release

  Previously, DisneyDining reported on the first record broken by the live-action film before its May 26 theatrical release. Debuted during the Academy Awards on March 10, 2023, the first official trailer for The Little Mermaid (2023) achieved record-breaking numbers online, amassing a total of 108 million views within just its first 24 hours online. RELATED: Leaked Trailer Shows New Footage ...

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Disney Makes Bold Move to Become More Sustainable, But Guests Will Be the Ones to Pay For It

Even when we don’t see it, the Walt Disney Company is always working towards “A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” and the betterment of society, which doesn’t always mean progress in the Parks. Sometimes, the best of the Walt Disney Company’s progress toward a better tomorrow is made outside of the Disney Park sphere. For example, Animal Kingdom recently donated half ...

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A ‘Lion King’ Land May Be Coming to This Disney Park

One of the Walt Disney Company’s biggest focuses is progress, and as a result, the company is constantly pushing boundaries to create bigger and better entertainment.  When it comes to Disney Parks, this progress can mean new attractions, themed lands, and a combination of both. READ MORE: Guest Captures a Total ‘Lion King’ Moment During Animal Kingdom’s Kilimanjaro Safaris Across ...

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Why Dreamworks Hates “The Little Mermaid”

Disney vrs DreamWorks

How could anyone hate Ariel? Since it was released on November 17, 1989, The Little Mermaid has captured hearts all over the world. Ariel has become one of the most beloved Disney Princesses of all time. She is adored for her bravery, her kindness, and her incredible personality. Generations of children look up to the red-headed princess, and with the new live-action ...

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“Harry Potter” & “Star Wars” Actor Dead at 56

darth vader ewok harry potter death star

An English actor best known for his work in Harry Potter and Star Wars productions has died. He was 56. On Thursday, March 16, Grant reportedly collapsed outside King’s Cross Station in London and was found unresponsive. According to reports, the actor was declared brain dead at the scene and was transported to the hospital, where he began receiving life support care. Grant ...

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Disney Manager Puts a Stop to Magical Memories, Reprimanding Pluto Performer For Playing With a Group of Children

pluto black and white against colorful castle

One of the most magical parts of a Disney vacation is getting to meet the characters. But what would you do if a Disneyland manager reprimanded a Disney character for interacting with you? READ MORE: Soarin’ Over…Windows Vista? Classic Disney Attraction’s Magic Was Ruined After This Technical Difficulty After a much-needed refurbishment to upgrade and make the area more accessible, Mickey’s ...

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