First Look at the New Gingerbread Display as Haunted Mansion Holiday Opens at Disneyland

First Look at the New Gingerbread Display as Haunted Mansion Holiday Opens at Disneyland
Credit: Canva and Disney

The spooky season is a special time of year, especially at Disneyland. As temperatures cool and the pages turn to earlier sunsets, ghosts and goblins come out to play amongst the leaves that fall to the ground. More importantly, the typical Haunted Mansion of Disneyland is reborn each year after a short closing, welcoming in new happy haunts over the holiday season. Galvanizing Christmas and Halloween, Jack Skellington, Sally, and Oogie Boogie all have made their way to California to bring a Tim Burton vibe to Disneyland.

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Unlike its sinister sister in Walt Disney World, Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion gets a make-over every year that incorporates the wildly popular Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. The 1993 film features several interesting characters who all live in Halloweentown, but as their leader, Jack Skellington, learns, there’s more to life than just spooky things. When Jack stumbles across the world of Christmas, he’s intent on bringing the holiday back to his world and does so in a typical macabre fashion. However, he isn’t satisfied with stopping there; he and his friends have brought their own celebration to Disneyland as the New Haunted Mansion Holiday has opened for its 2023 run and the overlay is dreadully awesome. 

Haunted Mansion Holiday

Credit: PaulaK

The Mansion gets an entirely different look while still incorporating and highlighting what makes it such a phenomenal attraction in the first place. Features large sets built in the typical Tim Burton style, the Haunted Mansion takes on a new form with its rooms and halls echoing the classic score from the 1993 film. In addition to new guests, and festive decor, the ballroom scene at the Haunted Mansion gets an incredible addition each and every year in an imposing gingerbread house fit for Jack Skellington himself. Thanks to Scott Gustin on Twitter, we got our first look at this year’s edition of the gingerbread house, and visitors to the Haunted Mansion will not be disappointed.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

Credit: Disney


This year’s gingerbread house, like every year, stands at a massive size, featuring a delightful specter serving up an eerie treat. Complete with tombstones, pumpkins, and backlights that lend themselves to the seriously spooky ambiance, guests are sure to want a piece of this devilishly good-looking gingerbread sculpture. The immaculate detail of its inception always leaves us in awe as the annual gingerbread centerpiece comes to fruition. It’s truly a sight you must see in person. So, if you’re visiting Disneyland this year anytime through the holidays, be sure to stop in and visit with Jack, Sally, and Oogie Boogie!

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