New Harry Potter Experiences Coming to Universal Studios Orlando

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Universal Studios Orlando Resort is hard at work on new guest experiences for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter areas of its theme parks.

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Since it first opened to visitors in June 1990, Universal Studios Orlando has been wowing guests with themed attractions and giving Disney some very healthy competition. But in order to stay competitive with the Disney branded theme parks–in Central Florida, California, and abroad–Universal Studios no doubt understands the importance of taking steps to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to creative, innovative options in entertainment as well as in ride technologies.

Recently, Florida’s Universal Resort has risen to the occasion, yet again–this time, patenting new technology that’s said to be specifically for new Harry Potter-themed guest experiences at Universal Studios Orlando Resort.

A Muggle's Guide to Universal Orlando's Wizarding World of Harry Potter

According to The Orlando Business Journal, Disney’s closest competitor recently patented a new system for detecting a passive wand. The system also creates an effect based on the wand path detected. The new patent serves to keep the operational aspects of the wand secret and undisclosed. (After all, it is magic.) This also makes the wand more economical in the long run. But this isn’t the only technology recently patented by Universal.

The entertainment giant has also just patented new “Interactive Animated Character Head Systems and Methods.” This exciting technology will allow the animated head on a Universal character to respond to signals emitted from interactions between guests at the parks and the character’s head.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter can conjure a grown-up holiday, too... - Independent.ie

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Because it’s so secretive right now, it’s unclear exactly how these new technologies will look when applied to elements in the Universal theme parks, but it’s safe to say that they’re innovative new technologies sure to create and enhance experiences for guests in the parks–especially for Harry Potter fans visiting Universal Studios.

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