$1 Million Lottery Winner Plans to Blow His New-Found Wealth at Walt Disney World Resort

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There is no denying it: Disney Vacations are incredibly expensive. Between the costs of tickets, food, accommodations, flights, and merchandise, visiting Disney usually costs Guests thousands of dollars. While there are tons of great payment plans and deals available to make paying for Disney easier, the reality is that fans have to shell out cash in order to make their magical vacation a reality.

Sometimes, it really does feel like you need a small fortune to afford your dream Disney vacation. In the case of one man from New Hampshire, he got just that, thanks to his recent lottery winnings. Now, the winner is taking himself and his newfound wealth to “The Most Magical Place On Earth” for a Disney vacation of epic proportions. 

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Man Wins $1 Million Massachusetts Lottery

If you had unlimited funds, what would your dream Walt Disney World Vacation look like? Would you fly first class into MCO? Take a stretch limo to your luxury suite at one of Disney’s priciest hotels? Perhaps a VIP tour throughout each Park to top it off?

Disney fans have a pretty easy time fantasizing about all of the incredible ways that they could spend some serious cash while at Disney. While for many, those dreams will be a fantasy, one man from New Hampshire is preparing to make that a reality.

Justo Rivera, a man from Hudson, New Hampshire, has experienced some serious luck recently. Justo was rummaging through his basement when he decided to scan some old lottery tickets he had stored there. Using the Massachusetts Lottery app, he scanned in a ticket only to discover it was a $1 million winner. Even more bizarre is the fact that the ticket was set to expire just two days later.

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Credit: Mass State Lottery

Luck Strikes Justo Rivera

Once discovering that he had just come into some serious wealth, Justo decided to cash in his ticket for the one-time payment of $650,000. This amount is what he will pay before getting taxed on the winnings.

The ticket Justo purchased was at Varnum Market, located at 863 Varnum Avenue in Lowell, Massachusetts. According to an article written on the story, Varnum Market received $10,000 for selling this winning ticket.

When you come into such a large amount of money, there are many questions that arise when determining what you should spend your earnings on. For Justo, it was an easy decision. He told the public that he intends to use his winnings on a trip to Walt Disney World Resort. He also mentioned upgrading to fast passes… (someone tell him about Genie+ before he goes!)

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This isn’t the first time that lottery winners have spent their winnings on a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort, and it surely will not be the last. We hope that Justo River has a wonderful time on this dream vacation!

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