Live In California and Love Disney? At This Point, It’s Cheaper to Visit Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

If there is one thing that Disney fans know, it’s that visiting a Disney Park is not a cheap experience. Between Park tickets, staying in a hotel, and paying for food, the costs quickly add up. And unfortunately, costs are only rising and many feel that Disney is pricing out the middle class and is becoming a place only the wealthy can visit.

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In fact, things have gotten so expensive at Disneyland Resort that it is now cheaper for California residents to visit Disneyland Paris. You read that right, instead of driving to a theme park in their own state, it is cheaper for Californians to buy plane tickets, stay in Paris, and pay for tickets to visit the foreign Park.

Your Central Valley did a study where they researched plane tickets, Park tickets, and the cost of hotels at both Disneyland Resort in Anaheim and Disneyland Paris. Here is what they found:

When we checked out pricing at both Disneylands we chose a six-night visit from June 12 until June 18 for two adults with tickets to the park included. We selected the cheapest on-property hotel for both bookings, allowing the hypothetical guest to walk from the hotel to the park. No add ons were selected.

Starting at Disneyland in Anaheim, the cheapest place to stay was the Paradise Pier Hotel quoted at $540 per night. Five days’ worth of tickets were included coming to a grand total of $4,571.50. Screenshots of the selections in the order booked are included below.

Paradise Pier price

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Across the Atlantic Ocean at Disneyland Paris, the cheapest on-site hotel was once again selected. The Hotel Santa Fe was quoted at $323.56 a night, the cheapest room available was selected, seven days of tickets were included, no meal extras were added on, no insurance selected, with the final price coming to $2,173.36.

But there is the cost of getting to Paris to consider. We checked that out too, and flying from Los Angeles to Paris Orly for the days selected came out to $1,456.74. You can use the “Magic Shuttle” to get from the airport to the park.

The cost to fly to France, get the transport from the airport to the hotel, and go to Disneyland in Paris while staying at an on-site hotel from June 12 until June 18 for two adults is $3,676.06.

Disneyland Paris

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As with most Disney Parks and hotels, the prices for hotel rooms can vary both on the time of year and the day of the week. Weekends will cost more than weekdays, and visiting at a slower time of year is cheaper than visiting during a peak season like summer. It can also be cheaper for California residents to visit Disneyland if they have a Magic Key (annual pass).

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The cost of visiting a Disney theme park has increased across the board, with many loyal Guests saying that they will not be visiting as much because they simply cannot afford the sky-high prices. Others are saying that they will not visit until Disney brings back things that used to be included, like interactive character meet and greets, parades, and nighttime shows like Fantasmic!.

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