Do You Know These 6 Secrets About Magic Bands At Walt Disney World?

Back in the day, guests who visited Walt Disney World used a variety of paper and plastic tickets that served as their entry into the four theme parks and two water parks. Eventually, just the plastic tickets were used and guests were able to tap them against a special pad on their Disney Resort door to gain access. While this was the way it used to be, guests now have access to a single devise which seamlessly links their entire Disney experience into one easy item. Magic Bands are offered to all guests who visit Walt Disney World and now act as everything from park tickets to room keys. These simple rubber bands come in a variety of colors and styles and allow guests to do so many things with the simple tap of a wrist. Gone are the days of paper tickets and separate room keys and in are the times of wonderful and convenient Magic Bands. While guests might be familiar with the ease and use of Magic Bands there are still some tips for making the most out of them. Let’s see if you know these six secrets about Magic Bands at Walt Disney World.

6. They Act As FastPasses

Magic Bands have replaced the old system of FastPasses where guests used to have to visit a specific attraction and enter their paper or plastic ticket into a machine to receive another paper ticket with the time they were meant to return. Guests can now book their FastPasses up to sixty days in advance and are entitled to three advanced booked ones and several additional ones per day. Guests book these FastPasses through the My Disney Experience App which directly links to their Magic Bands. Therefore guests can simply walk up to an attraction when it is time to redeem their FastPass and enter the queue with an easy tap of their FastPass.

5. They Act As Credit Cards

In addition to acting as a FastPass, Magic Bands can also serve as active credit cards if guests opt to link one to their account. Guests can link a credit card either ahead of time online or when checking in and then they simply can tap their wrists anywhere they wish to make a purchase in Walt Disney World to pay for items. While this is incredibly convenient in terms of not needing to carry around cash or credit cards in Walt Disney World, it can also become a little dangerous as it is very easy to just tap away and rack up some pricey bills!

4. Guests Can Choose Their Own Colors

Magic Bands are offered to Walt Disney World guests in a variety of colors including pink, blue, green, red, and yellow. Guests who log onto the My Disney Experience App before the designated shipping date of their Magic Bands can customize their options by choosing specific colors that suit their personalities.

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3. Guests Can Buy Special Bands

In addition to the solid colors offered with each Magic Band, guests can also purchase specialty Magic Bands throughout Walt Disney World. These special Magic Bands feature everything from attraction logos and Disney Princesses to loveable characters and Disney Resort insignias. With so many options to choose from, guests are sure to find the perfect Magic Band for them to rock on their Walt Disney World vacation. Once a special Magic Band is purchased, guests can have it activated either at the time of purchase or at Guest Services in their Disney Resort.

2. Guests Can Buy Special Charms

Guests can also purchase Magic Bandits which are small rubber charms that snap into the holes on Magic Bands. Typically sold in sets of three or four, Magic Bandits feature characters, park icons, and special charms that add personality and fun to guests’ Magic Bands.

1. Guests Can Grow A Collection

With so many options to choose from, guests might find it hard to decide on which Magic Band they want to use on each Walt Disney World vacation. Some guests might find themselves with solid color ones, special ones featuring their favorite Disney characters, and other special ones decked out with Magic Bandits. Luckily, Magic Bands feature a special technology that allows guests to be able to use all of their active Magic Bands on each subsequent Walt Disney World vacation. For example, if a guest traveled to Walt Disney World one year and purchased a special Magic Band, they would automatically be able to use that band on their next Disney vacation since it is linked to their name and their My Disney Experience App. This convenience is amazing for guests who love to collect Magic Bands as they can wear a different one each day of their trip as long as they have all been activated!

About Caitlin Kane

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