“It’s Offensive!” Changes to Universal’s Accessibility Policy Receives MAJOR Backlash From Fans

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Fans are furious over some of the recent changes happening at Universal Orlando.

Situated in the heart of Central Florida, Universal Orlando is renowned for its thrilling theme Park experiences. Known for its thrilling rides and incredible immersive lands, Universal Orlando has earned its place as home to some of the best theme Parks in the world. The Resort attracts millions of visitors each year, including individuals with special needs or disabilities who seek inclusive and accessible entertainment options. In the past, Universal has had a comprehensive approach to disability access, Universal Studios Orlando ensures that every Guest can enjoy their visit to the fullest.

Unfortunately, new changes have left fans feeling less than thrilled.

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Universal Announces New Policy Changes

In order to make theme Parks a place where every Guest can have a good experience, they must offer special services and resources that cater to any special need a Guest with disabilities might have. However, some Guests have been known to take advantage of these resources in the past.

Numerous Guests have claimed that they have witnessed Guests lie about having a disability in order to be granted line-cutting privileges at an attraction. This ends up making the resources less effective for those who actually need them to ride an attraction. To counteract this problem, Universal Orlando announced that they are implementing a new policy where Guests must have an IBCCES Individual Accessibility Card to be granted access to Universals resources.

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Fans Disturbed by New IAC Card Requirement

While many people feel that this policy seems fair, others find the entire situation incredibly offensive. Guests on the internet have taken to time to share their anger and frustration over this new policy. One Guest says;

“This might be the most offensive thing I’ve ever seen. Do you understand how hard it is to get my doctor’s office to send me information? They couldn’t even fill a fax request for me to get a replacement for my broken aimovig.

y’all may wish to rethink this. We were taught that it’s fundamentally illegal to ask for a doctor’s sign off for accommodations when I was in guest services. If that’s not true, fine… but this is a slap in the face to disabled people who visit.

You’re essentially showing all of us who have hidden disabilities or ones that flare in episodes that you don’t care about us, and that’s not good.”

Another says;

“The problem with increasing access for disability access, you are also ruling out invisible disabilities simultaneously, which stinks cause if people are having to submit a application, there is another person judging whether or not they deserve a disability pass or not.”

As of now, Universal has not amended their new policy, despite the upset from some fans. It will be interesting to see how this ends up going when the system is up and running at Universal Orlando Resort.

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