Internet DEFENDS Disney Adult Over Viral Wedding Drama

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This last year, Disney adults have been in the media more than ever. Unfortunately, most of this attention has been very negative toward adults who enjoy Disney’s theme Parks and movies. Time and time again, we have seen the internet rally and gang up on Disney adults because of their interests. This has led many fans to keep their hobbies a secret from the world for fear of receiving the same ridicule.

However, in the case of one woman and her Disney-hating sister, the internet has gone completely supportive.

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Internet Defends the Case of One Disney Adult

A woman took to Reddit to share a story and ask for advice on hows to handle her particular situation. This woman and her husband are avid Disney fans. The pair loves to decorate their home with mementos from the Disney Parks, where they both once worked. They both make an effort to keep their hobbies to themselves when around less accepting people, like the poster’s sister.

Their issue has come because the woman’s sister is getting married, for free, on their property. The wedding will take place mainly outside, but Guests will need to use the bathroom inside the house. According to the couple, the inside of their house is decorated with lots of Disney memorabilia, including “Disney items, pictures, paintings, blankets, funko pops, decorations, figurines, dishware, etc, all made for adults and a lot if it subtle of vintage.” 

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Despite getting the location for free, the bride has demanded that the couple removes all possible Disney memorabilia from inside the house. This would be a massive undertaking for the couple and would cost them valuable time and money.

In a surprise twist, the internet has decided that this woman is indeed in the right. Hundreds of comments give support to the couple and encourage them to stand tall and keep their decorations up and visible.

AITA for not removing the Disney items from my house?
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It is great to see a kinder and more supportive case for Disney adults. It is always important to be respectful and kind about the hobbies of others, regardless of what they may be.

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