Imagineers Will Stay In California-There’s Just One Problem, They Don’t Want To

Disney’s Lake Nona project has been canceled. The $1.3 billion project would’ve relocated 2,000 employees from California to Florida. Instead, those jobs will remain in the Golden State.

Under Bob Chapek, Disney made plans to move much of their operations from California to Florida. The project was initially announced in 2021, and Imagineers were supposed to have relocated by the end of 2022. That time frame was pushed back to 2026 before the recent announcement that pulled the plug on the whole operation entirely.

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Two weeks ago, Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle sent a letter confirming the project’s cancellation. He cited “change in company leadership and evolving economic and business conditions” as the reason. This indicated that Bob Iger, who is currently back at the helm, was against the move. It also points to the Walt Disney Company’s ongoing feud with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Lake Nona

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This seems like a “no harm-no foul” business decision. Impacted employees weren’t required to move for another three years. However, some have already made the move! This puts them in a very precarious situation. They’ve moved all the way across the country for their job only to discover their job won’t be there after all. While it seems like just simply moving back would be the solution, many would rather not.

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Those wishing to stay aren’t in the minority either. According to Fox35 news, Realtor Ken Pozek says, “It’s been actually overwhelming the amount of people who have said, no, we love Orlando, and as long as they don’t force us to go back, we plan on staying.” When asked if he was surprised, Pozek said, “I am, especially with how people fought to stay in California when the news originally broke.”

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We aren’t surprised, though. At least not from a financial standpoint. Florida has no state income tax meaning Imagineers get to keep more of their hard-earned money. Given the high tax rates in California, that must seem like quite the paradise! Poxek also credits a “slower pace of life, great weather, more stuff to do, [and] more affordable [cost of living]” with winning over the already relocated Imagineers.

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