If Disney Princesses Were Peeps

Disney Princess Peeps

You may be familiar with the trend that reimagines Disney Princesses in different fantasy worlds, different style outfits, or even just as inanimate objects. For example, fan art has transformed Disney Princesses into Harry Potter characters, Vogue high fashion models, and even cement mixers. Basically, the artist translates each princess into the theme of their work while retaining the character’s essence, color palate, and overall vibe. 

Now that spring has sprung, let’s take the time to analyze Isaiah Stephens’ provocative reconstruction of the Disney Princesses if they were the hotly contested marshmallow treat, Peeps.

Snow White and Cinderella Peeps

Isaiah Stephens

Snow White

You may not recognize her at first glance, but the red bow and black bob give her away. Here lies Peep Snow White, perhaps, in this form, nearly as poison as her apple.


I like to imagine that, on another timeline in the Multiverse, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother hasn’t quite gotten a hold of “transformation magic” yet. At the stroke of midnight, Cinder-peep will be hard as a rock and totally inedible.

Ariel and Jasmine Peeps

Isaiah Stephens


Peep Ariel is the queen of body positivity. She lets it all hang out – shell bra discarded on the jetty. She doesn’t care about human legs anymore! Or arms. In this universe, is Eric a Peep too?


Listen, Aladdin will never be able to get all the Peep out of that Carpet. There is no magic strong enough.

Rapunzel and Mulan Peeps

Isaiah Stephens


What’s longer? Rapunzel’s hair or Peeps’ shelf-life? Actually, Peeps apparently have a shelf-life of two years, though I would have guessed MUCH longer…like eternity.


“Look at meeee, I will never paaaass for a perfect peep…” Just kidding, I bet a dozen Peeps could’ve taken down the entire Hun army in one sitting.

Tiana and Pocahontas Peeps

Isaiah Stephens


‘The Princess and the Peep:’ an age-old story where a young girl goes to eat a peep, but it’s so darn sticky that it gets all over her hands and eventually consumes her entire body until she has become the Peep.


One question: Can you paint with all the colors of the peeps?

Elsa and Belle Peeps

Isaiah Stephens


The artificial colors, high sugar content, and disturbing texture never bothered me anyway.


Who’s the Beast now, Belle? WHO IS THE BEAST NOW?

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Thanks Isaiah Stephens for the silly Disney-themed fun! Check out the artists instagram HERE. (Consume Peeps at your own risk.)

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