If Disney Princesses Sang ‘Flowers’ By Miley Cyrus

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The internet loves to put Disney Princesses into reimagined situations that still ring true to the characters. Vinny Thomas, @mrthomasenglish on TikTok, posted one of the most recent reinterpretations, this time to the chorus of Miley Cyrus‘ hit song ‘Flowers.’

Why does his compilation work so well? First, his creativity in realizing how well each line reflects one of the Disney Princesses. Second, his commitment to costumes and hair. It gained him over 775,000 likes alone!

See it here:


If Disney Princesses Sang Flowers By Miley Cyrus! #disney #mrthomasenglish

♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus


Here’s each line and the spotlighted princess.

I can buy myself flowers.

Rapunzel: Great start. Rapunzel iconically places flowers throughout her long locks once she manages to braid them. Thomas nails the costume, wearing a blond wig with flowers, and even holds a prop lantern to really complete the look. Do I spy a little Pascal?

Write my name in the sand.

Ariel: Who else could this line be for? Ariel was a great choice. Ten out of Ten for choosing to wear Ariel’s blue dress. At this point in the movie, she has already lost her voice and, therefore, would have to write to communicate. Maybe in the sand?

Rapunzel and Ariel

Vinny Thomas

Talk to myself for hours.

Anna: This one was so on point. After being locked away from her sister Elsa, Anna spent many years entertaining herself in the castle. Thomas wears a Queen Anna dress from Frozen 2 (2019).

Say things you don’t understand.

Merida: One commenter felt this was a little “mean,” but it’s actually a reference to Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018). When Vanellope meets all the Disney Princesses, Merida’s terminology and Scottish accent are so thick that no one can understand her. Also, I love the mini bow and arrow he carries out.

I can take myself dancing.

Cinderella: Another great one. Does this one even need explaining? But yes, he IS wearing glass slippers. Like I said, commitment.

Anna, Merida, Cinderella

Vinny Thomas

And I can hold my own hand.

Elsa: Female Empowerment and finding yourself are some of Elsa’s specialties. Plus, her hands are probably really cold. Thomas wears Elsa’s final outfit from Frozen 2.

Yeah, I can love me better than you can.

Tiana: Referring to Tiana’s determination to her career, she initially didn’t give Prince Naveen the time of day. Also, it was his fault that she turned into a frog, so totally warranted, in my opinion. I have to say the details on Thomas’ Princess and the Frog (2009) dress are really lovely.

Elsa and Tiana

Vinny Thomas

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Vinny Thomas’ TikTok account is full of creative Disney themed content and has almost two million followers! Watch ‘If Disney Princesses Sang Flowers By Miley Cyrus!’ on loop when you need a pick me up, or discover his other high-energy content.

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