Disney World Girls Trip Takes an Unexpected Turn as Husband’s Emotions Boil Over

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What would you do if your trip to Walt Disney World in Florida became about your spouse’s inability to grapple with their emotions? One user on social media quickly found out that jealousy can often rear its ugly head, even with someone close to you.

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Disney Girls Trip Interference

The story initially revolved around a “girls trip” to Disney World that a Reddit user’s sister and mother had organized. The woman vented her story to the popular r/AITA subreddit, hoping the internet would defend her.

The trip was meant to be an exciting adventure for the user, her daughter, and the other female members of the family. Notably, their husbands were not included in the original plans, a decision that would later become a point of contention.

The user’s husband had expressed his disinterest in Disney, citing his dislike for the theme park, work commitments, financial constraints, and the belief that he would not enjoy the trip with the other family members.

This led to a heated argument between the user and her husband when she initially accepted the invitation. Her husband’s concerns about the trip seemed valid, and the user’s family recognized the tension this caused.

AITA for accepting an invite to a vacation that did not include my husband?
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Finding a Compromise

In a bid to find a compromise and alleviate her husband’s feelings of exclusion, the user’s mother offered to pay for his expenses or even buy a plane ticket for him to join them for a day at Disney. However, the husband declined these offers, citing the same concerns he had initially raised.

But that’s not where the story ends. It takes an unexpected turn as emotions boil over.

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Unwilling to Talk

Despite declining the invitation, the husband was still upset about the trip. The user is now caught between her excitement for the family vacation, the disappointment she perceives in her husband, and the guilt that is gnawing at her conscience. Her husband has requested that she refrain from discussing the trip, hoping to pretend it’s not happening.

Angry Mickey

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The internet was almost unanimously on this woman’s side. Many could not understand why her husband could not express his emotions like an adult and were less than thrilled with him, wondering if the jealous anger ran deeper.

NTA. If husband expressed before the trip was planned:

  • he does not like Disney

  • he would not be able to get off work

  • we could not afford it

  • he would not enjoy being there with my sister and mom and would just be a crab ass anyways.

MIL offers to pay his way and he still declines…

I don’t see anything wrong with OP going. But, I can’t help but wonder if her husband is grumpy about something else. I don’t think this is about the Iranian yogurt.

byu/Unlikely_Custard_329 from discussion

Another response told the wife to enjoy her trip. All things considered, it was best to let the husband be cranky at home than on a Disney World vacation.

I mean it seems like he’s going to be a crab ass either way. I’d rather he be a crab a** at home rather than ruining the experience for the kid.

Seconding the NTA!

byu/Unlikely_Custard_329 from discussion

What do you think? Was the husband being unreasonable with his emotions surrounding his wife’s Disney girls trip? Would you feel guilty like this Reddit user and embrace the wonder of Magic Kingdom with little concern for your spouse’s turmoil? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I have been going to Disneyland with our two kids since they were adolescents (they’re now in their 30s). My husband went a few times, but he’s not really a theme park guy; he doesn’t like rides much and eventually gets bored. I now have a weeklong trip planned solo, and another in January with the older daughter. How do we handle this? Like adults. I asked my husband long ago if he was bothered by my taking vacations with the kids while he stayed home (by choice). He said of course not, and asked if I was hurt that he really preferred staying home with the animals instead of traveling. I said of course not. It’s not a vacation if one party isn’t having fun. I got to go places with the kids, and he got the house (and the big screen TV) all to himself. I am eternally puzzled by couples who can’t discuss things like adults, and by couples who feel that everyone has to do the same things all the time.