Hilarious Grandma Calls Iconic Disney Villain a “Victim”

A woman calls Ursula a victim
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She really is just a poor, unfortunate soul.

Nearly 35 years ago, Disney released one of its most iconic princess movies, The Little Mermaid (1989). The Little Mermaid tells the story of Ariel, a young mermaid who falls in love with a handsome prince named Eric.

Eric is human, so Ariel makes a deal with the sea witch, Ursula. In exchange for her voice, Ariel is given human legs and has three days to make Eric fall in love with her. However, Ursula tries to sabotage Ariel because, if the mermaid fails, she will become Ursula’s prisoner.

disney animated little mermaid ariel ursula 1989

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Since the film’s release, Ursula has become one of Disney’s most popular villains. Despite what she did to Ariel, fans just can’t get enough. While she is portrayed by Disney as the villain, many have come to gain sympathy for her. Some even see her as the victim who paid the price when a teenage girl didn’t abide by her contract.

Ursula, Flotsam, and Jetsom from the the original Little Mermaid film

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One such woman is the incredibly funny TikTok grandma, Mama Lulu.

Mama Lulu, who claims to be a businesswoman, said that Ursula was not in the wrong; Ariel was. Ariel signed the contract and agreed to the terms. Mama Lulu called everything Urlsa did “interest.”


Mama LuLu’s hot take on The Little Mermaid movie. @Mama LuLu

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What makes this video particularly amusing is how the grandmother describes the characters in the film. She refers to Flounder as a goldfish and King Triton as the “sexy father”. And she doesn’t think Prince Eric is even worth it! She says that he looks like toothpaste — we are guessing maybe it’s the hair.

Mama Lulu felt hurt when Ursula was attacked and then killed by the mast of a ship. She defended the famous sea witch, saying that she was only doing business. Ariel was warned, but she ignored everyone and then got mad when she was held to the terms of the agreement.

Prince Eric and his dog Max The Little Mermaid

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Mama Lulu’s daughter tries to defend Ariel, saying that she was just 16 years old and didn’t know any better. However, Mama Lulu makes a great point. Ariel was too young to know the consequences of a contract, but she was old enough to get married?!

Ursula is not the only villain who sometimes gets more empathy than hate. In 2021, Disney released Encanto, the story of the magical Mirabel family. Abuela is the family matriarch, and she quickly becomes the villain to many. She never made Mirabel feel important because, for some reason, Mirabel did not have any magical powers.

abuela holding candle from encanto

Credit: Disney

However, we later learn that Abuela watched her husband die in front of her and promised to do whatever it took to protect her children and the people who fled her village. She kept that promise, but her heart got lost somewhere along the way. Thankfully, in the end, she found it and discovered just how important every family member was, magic or not.

Do you agree with Mama Lulu? Is Ursula the real victim in The Little Mermaid? Let us know in the comments!

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