Here’s Why You Need To Plan a “Girls Trip” to Walt Disney World

Girls getaways are wonderful and a girls trip to Walt Disney World is absolutely magical.  Bring on the happiest place on Earth with your besties!  Think relaxation, matching shirts, drinks by the pool and so much more.  If you are considering a girls trip, we have why you need to plan one to Walt Disney World ASAP!


1. Perfect For Any Group of Gals

You might think that Disney is only for kids or only for thrill seekers, but the best part about a Walt Disney World vacation is that it is perfect for everyone.  If your group of gals is a mix of crazy Disney fanatics and Disney newbies, you can still have a fantastic trip.  If some want to sleep in and others want to get up and go, you can do that as well.  No matter what the mix is within the group, Disney will provide a magical experience for everyone.

2. Matching Outfits

Before you even head out on your girls trip to Disney the excitement and fun begins.  With a girls trip you can start planning all the matching outfits!  Find those Minnie Ears and shirts for the whole group.  This is such a great way to celebrate together and also get the excitement for the trip started early.

Photo Credit: Disney

3. Budget Friendly

You might not think a girls trip would be budget friendly, but you can really keep it comfortable financially for everyone.  By splitting the cost of the rooms, sharing entrees and meals, you can really save compared to when you visit with the whole family.  A girls trip also might allow you to stay at a resort you typically wouldn’t with the family, but if you are splitting the cost four ways, it makes the Grand Floridian a lot more reasonable.

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4. Visit Lounges

Disney is a great place for a girls trip as they have amazing themed lounges perfect for relaxing and hanging out.  Disney’s Hollywood Studios has Brown Derby Lounge and BaseLine Tap House both perfect for getting a quick drink and apps.  Throughout the Disney resorts, there are numerous outstanding lounges such as Enchanted Rose at the Grand Floridian or Tambu Lounge at the Polynesian.  These lounges are perfect for a girls trip as you can hangout, chat and catch-up.

Enchanted Rose Lounge (Credit: Disney)

5. Pool Time

Another reason you need to plan a girls trip to Walt Disney World is so you can enjoy some pool time.  Yes, I know many of you probably go to the pool when visiting with family; however, on a girls trip being at the pool means something completely different.  Enjoy a book, listen to music, have a drink, chat with the girls.  This is an excellent time to re-energize and take a moment to breathe.  

6. Explore World Showcase

Epcot’s World Showcase offers so many unique and inspiring details.  On a girls trip, you can truly take time to enjoy all the little details throughout the different countries.  Take in one of the films in Canada, China or France.  Explore all the way back in Morocco or Canada.  Walk the gardens in the UK.  On a girls trip you can take your time exploring and having a magical time in these countries.

7. Food and Fun at the Festivals

Something that is a must do during a girls trip to Walt Disney World is a visit to Epcot’s festivals.  No matter when you plan to visit, there is a good chance that a festival will be happening in Epcot.  These festivals are a fantastic time to enjoy new foods and drinks as well as live music.   A girls trip is a fun time to experience the festivals as the group can share food allowing everyone to try and experience more.  

8. Discover Disney Springs

Disney Springs is a perfect spot for a girls trip with dining, entertainment and shopping!  Disney Springs is a must do destination on any girls trip as there is something for everyone.  From signature dining, to themed bars, entertainment and outstanding, unique shopping everyone in the group will find something that fits their budget and style while in Disney Springs.  Don’t skip out on this location during your next girls trip to Disney.

Credit: Disney

9. Rest Up

Finally, you need to plan a girls trip to Walt Disney World so you can rest up.  After a long year plus for so many of us, a girls trip to Walt Disney World is exactly what the doctor ordered.  You can enjoy time together relaxing in the room, at the pool, at a restaurant, lounge or riding the skyliner.  No matter what you are doing, time with the girls will bring you joy and magic!

We hope that these reasons have inspired you to plan a girls trip to Walt Disney World with your besties.  There is something absolutely special about enjoying a vacation with your friends.

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