Tips and Sips: Our Guide to Disney’s Coca-Cola Store and Rooftop Bar

You needn’t plan a trip to World of Coke in Atlanta, Georgia, to have a fun Coke experience. You can enjoy shopping, sipping, and playing at Walt Disney World Resort’s Coca-Cola Store. Here are tips and sips as a guide to the Coca-Cola Store and Rooftop Bar.

Disney Coca Cola Store

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Located in Disney Town Center, you’ll find the Coca-Cola Store with a rooftop bar. This is a fun spot to shop, enjoy a character meet, and relax at the rooftop bar. The Coca-Cola Store opened at Disney Springs on July 2, 2016. Inspired by the designs of Coca-Cola bottling plants in the 1920s, this shop is three floors of merchandise, memorabilia, drinks, and fun.

Stopping by this store on your shopping day is a must. Browse merchandise, taste Coke from around the world, or even grab a mocktail on the rooftop bar. This store is one of only three worldwide. Fans of the brand can visit the World of Coke experience and a Coca-Cola Store in Atlanta, Georgia, the home of the brand. Another Coca-Cola store is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the third store is the Orlando branch located at Disney Springs.

Coca-Cola was created in 1886 at a downtown soda fountain in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. John Pemberton of Jacob’s Pharmacy was soon mixing up what he later named Coca-Cola with gusto. In the early years, it sold for just 5 cents per glass. The rest is history, and now Coca-Cola can be found in over 200 countries and territories around the globe. 


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If you want to break from food sampling and restaurant hopping to browse Coca-Cola Products and enjoy a refreshing drink, stop by this Disney Springs spot. You’ll enter on the first level and be overwhelmed with the Coca-Cola Products on sale. From flavored lip balm and piggy banks to hoodies and home decor with the Coca-Cola logo, this store has it all. If you are a fan of another drink in the brand family, this store has you covered with similar products branded for Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, and more. 


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There is plenty of space chock full of merchandise, two floors of it to be exact. Find even more apparel, accessories, home goods, souvenirs, and gifts on the second floor of this shop. But merch. is not the only fun thing on the second floor. You’ll also have a chance to meet the iconic Coca-Cola polar bear and snap a photo. This brand mascot is a beloved character from Coca-Cola commercials that most Coke fans would love to meet.

Polar bear scheduling is managed through the store and varies by day, so if this is a must-do character meet for you, be sure to call the Coca-Cola Store at (407) 560-0107 for daily polar bear hours. Meeting this cuddly character is absolutely on my to-do list the next time I visit Disney Springs.

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If you are ready for a drink with a view? Head on up to the third level of the Coca-Cola Store to enjoy the rooftop beverage bar. If you are one of the Disney World fans that love Club Cool at EPCOT but don’t want to pay for the Park ticket, we have good news. You can experience Coke flavors from around the world at this rooftop lounge. Flip through the Taste of the World menu and order the Around the World Tray for $15 to try sixteen sparkling and still beverages from around the world in a flight format.

bottle diet coke and coke with straw disney springs

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Want to jazz up your drinks? Try the Float Tray for $15, which offers the same sixteen international beverages but with ice cream in Coke float form. Want to strike a balance between the two? Order the Combo Tray for $22 and enjoy sixteen sparkling and still beverages from around the world and eight domestic flavors of Coca-Cola products with vanilla ice cream.

Speaking of Coke Floats, this drink is perfect for a hot day. You can buy a standard-sized Coke Float in a 16 oz. ($5) or 24 oz. size ($5.75). An Orange Cream Float is a fun menu addition, as is an ICEE Float. The Orange Cream Float rings in at $12 and is served in a collectible tumbler.

It’s made from Coca-Cola, orange cream bar, & vanilla ice cream combined for a mouth full of sweet and creamy goodness. The ICEE Float also rings in at $12 in a collectible souvenir cup and is made from frothy delicious Coke ICEE and vanilla ice cream.

If a classic ICEE sounds like the perfect way to beat the Walt Disney World Resort heat, you can choose from several ICEE flavors in 16 oz. ($3.75), 24 oz. ($4.50), and 32oz. ($5.25) sizes. Guests can also caffeinate their afternoon with a Costa Cold Brew with Cream ($6), or a Cold Brew Caramel Float made with Costa cold brew coffee, ice cream, caramel, and whipped cream. 

Bar Bites to go with your drink hour sips are on the menu. Order the crunch Cheddar Popcorn for $4. If you want to enjoy a classic southern snack and drink combo, add Peanuts to your Coke for $1.50.


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The rooftop bar also has an assortment of craft mocktails on the menu for $7 each. Options like the Chocolate Coca-Cola with Coke, chocolate syrup and whipped cream, or the Fresca Habanero Lime with Fresca, original citrus, habanero lime syrup, and TAKIS Rolled Tortilla Chips make for a surprisingly yummy drink. You can also buy Cokes and Mexican Cokes in bottles to enjoy on a night or afternoon on top of the Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs.

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